Sunday, July 20, 2008

Downloads, Picasa2, Useful Podcasts

I am back from my Far east trip and wanted to share some of the experience.
1) First of all it was a great feeling to work without Blackberry. The BB and other mobile phones don't work there. So in a way it was relief that there are no urgent emails to answer on the run. Yes, the downside is you are not accessible during any adverse situation, but I guess those are once in blue moon situation with other means of contact. So much so, that I have decided to take the blackberry from the hip holster. It just lies in my table and wont be clinging around when I move.

2)Yes, the other side to the communication is the amazingly High download speeds of internet. I had downloaded 7 Gb(Yes Gigabytes) of podcast in 4 Hrs time. That worked at a rate of 30Mb of data downloaded per minute and about .5Mb/sec. I tested the connection and I could get upload speed of 450KBPS. As was the wifi connections seem to be available every where. This speed was in the hotel and my Korean friends indicated that the hotel I stayed didnt have that much of high speed connection. They are used to download 750MB file size in less than 10 minutes. It was an amazing experience similar to the one in Tokyo last year but here the speed was mind boggling.

3) The Incheon Airport and Shanghai airport are state of the art and gates and walkway extending to more than 1kilometer end to end. The facilities inside the terminal like resturants, shopping as well as equal distribution of amneities were always within reasonable distance of walking. Yes, the walk to immigration counter from the aircraft door can be energy sapping after a long flight!!!. One thing that amazed me in Shanghai/ Seoul airports was that we were out of the aircraft in less than 2 minutes after parking. (Despite being in coach). It always take no less than 10 minutes to come out of any Indian Airports, wonder Why???.
4) The other thing that amazed me in Korea was the punctuality!! meetingrooms were 90% full always 5 to 10 min ahead of schedule, people were ready and waiting, people came to pick you up 5 min before time. Not one event started late!!. I was wonderstruck. May be the compulsory draft that brings discipline in people I am pondering!.

Ok, on to some other aspects, here we go.

I am glad I could find Picasa2 to upload the photos in to my blog. This task was always a nuisance to post photos without distortion in the blog. The only disadvantage is that you can post only 4 photos at a time. Some one find a way to beat around it by creating 3 separate files and combining them as one.

I am sure folks are aware of the podcast alley, which provides a chance to pay back the podcasters with your vote on most favourite podcaster. I have kept in my routine task to post my vote for my favorite podcasters. With ITunes allowing recent registration in India I look forward to an active interaction in this process.Here are some of the podcasts, I have added to my Ipod list to listen to.(Yes, finding time to listen to all will not be easy, lets worry about that later).

Business Essentials. Practical aspects done from Australia.
David Maisters Business essentials. Worth in Gold. I am of too small stature to comment about David.
Leadership in GOLD.
Plain Simple management. Common sense I assume.
Smarter by the minute.
Thinking for business success.
Knowledge at Wharton.
Leadership 101.
Lucy Kellaway
Stuff you should know.

Yes, I havent covered by religious and spiritual aspects which are in my personal domain.
So, let's see if the Indian government survives the trust vote on Nuclear deal in the parliament, Tuesday. My gut feeling is it might Just!!.

Ok, till next week, take it easy and take care; live conciously.

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