Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mullah, Dabbahwalah, Lucy Kellaway, UNNATHI.

Just realized that I am in to the nervous Ninety's on the number of Blogs. By the way I am glad my last week prediction that the government would survive was proved Right. With all the crisis, the last thing we need is an early election.!!!

I was listening to Wayne Turmel talking about Mullah Nasruddin on the witty aspects of work. I have read stories in the form of cartoons of Mullah Nasruddin during school days with a lot of wit, deep message as well as culture that was prevailing. I could recollect similar tales of the Jestor Tenali Rama during the Emperor Krishnadevaraya in South India. One can not forget the wit, intelect and sharp minded nature of Raja Birbal in the court of Emperor Akbar. Wonder, who else would fit the bill in the list. Yes, the fictious charecter, Sir Humphrey Appleby would fit well in the BBC Serial Yes Minister (The sequel, Yes Prime Minister!!).

I just wondered, why I never wrote about the Dabbawala's of Bombay?. So many magazines (latest being last week's The economist) have covered their Greater than 6sigma performance and even HBR / Newyork times have marvelled at their work. Ofcourse, my personal experience being one of their customer at the beginning of my career in 1985/86 in Bombay waiting for the dubbah(Lunch box) to arrive from a Dombivali mess serving the bachellors (I was working in Kalwa the only railway station in India without a road approach to the station, you have to walk on the railway track to get in/ out, what a risk!!???). They were never late, never missed even for a day(rain or shine) in the 7 months I used their service. They have still sustained their levels of service with the same quality and committment. So a big thank you for filling the stomach. Keep up the great work!!!.

I encourage all of you to read or listen to Lucy Kellaway podcast/ blog in Financial times. I accidentally discovered her podcast in Itunes when I surfed the ITUNES UK Store. The sarcarsm/ the pungence/ the candidness/ the dressdown on business practices/ people/leaders are treat to hear during the walk. It is a good lesson some times how not to be a leader. (Her attack on Business jargon like Going forward usage, was a treat!!, the english accent so filling to the ear!) I dont think anybody has touched the business issues so openly. It is worth listening. Please dont give it a miss. I cant wait to finish the 50 or so podcast in my Ipod.

Yes, the column of Ask Annie on CNN and Liz Ryan on Business week provide great answers to your Business/work related/professional aspects/ career questions.

I would close this week, (Need to do quick, power outage for the past 10 hrs, back up power dwindling, the curse of Power crisis all over India for the last 2 weeks) with the great service provided by the "UNNATI"social service organisation. They do a lot of voluntory service in teaching the vocatioanal skills in children below 18 so that children can become independent. Great service and contributions from guys from all walks of life. You may read about it in the link I have provided and contact them to do your bit here. All contributions are exempted from Income tax. I am glad we are doing our bit over the last 2 years.

My heart goes out to all the victims in the twin Blasts in the past 48 Hrs in Bangalore and Amdavad.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

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