Sunday, August 03, 2008

Multitasking, Randy Pausch, Kiran Bedi.

I read some time back Alan Pease's book, why Men don't listen and Women cant read maps. (May be 5 years back!!). One of the things against men is that they cant multitask and women are better at it. While always agreed that we men cant multitask, I wasn't sure whether women are good at it. I learned through proxy today. Lalitha is away from Bangalore for 2 days and so the Kitchen responsibility came up on me, that was the easy part. The hard part was maid servant didnt turn up unexpectedly, so all the house cleaning, dishwashing, answering the door bell, telephone etc started happening fell up on me and more so at one time that my Mind almost started paralysing and I started sweating!!. Doing all this the energy drain out was like an 100metre sprinter after the race. I had seen my wife doing all this effortlessly, without letting milk boil over or the tap water in the sink overflowing etc etc. Yes, Multitasking is women's virtue. Men are light years behind to catch up, I guess!!!.

I am sad to report that Randy Pausch passed away last week at the age of 47. Randy was suffering from a kind of liver cancer. He gave a famous Last lecture September last year at CMU, Pensylvania, which is now one of the most watched video on youtube (5.5 Millions). One thing I learned from the lecture is all people are all good, be patient, they will turn good. It is a great video with lot of personal touch. Please set aside 75 Minutes of your time to watch this emotional video. Randy Pausch's time management lecture is also a great treat where he talks about time famine and systemic solutions.

Intrestingly this lead me to search for the most watched videos and the top most video is at 20 Million viewers!!!.

Continuing with youtube, I watched with interest,Ms. Kiran Bedi, the Ex Police Commissioner who revlutionised the Indian Police force giving a lecture at Google India. She had a great message for corporate people which was "take the fullest support of your family and have it as your strength and bulldoze the heirarchy and at some stage they would give up and accept you. Great take.

Gary Coleman has an intesting conversation with Larry Brilliant, ED,, in the More than sound podcast. It touches on compasionate capitalism which is intersting. There are lot of references to the Asian way of living in the discussions.

Ok, till next week, take it easy and take care,Live conciously.


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