Sunday, August 17, 2008

3000, Packing, Independence day thoughts, Alumni

I am delighted to see in the Web page counter that my blog has hit 3000 hits in the last 10 months. Out of curiosity, I installed the site meter to see the traffic to my site. This is indeed a surprise. Yes, some of the visitors could be accidental. But I am sure some of them out there may find the information useful or amusing.(!!). This works to about 10 visitors a day. Let me see how best I can improve the traffic to the site.

I am just packing my bags for a 2 week trip to Europe tonight. The podcast by Mark on packing bags for tour in timely. Mark manages 5 country, 20+ days tour without a checked in baggage. There is also video and slides for the premium content members. My wife does most of the packing for me and I shared the video with her. She did pick up some tips from Mark (Rolling out clothes as well as Laundry bag usage). My premium content membership expired 1st August, I am glad I did renew it for another year. (Just waited for the optimum credit card billing cycle period). It is the best 150$ you could ever spend and the returns are many fold. Lot of new contents/ tools are promised.
I must say I am really enjoying Lucy Kellaway podcast. It is worth listening to get another view of management as well as every happening in life. The satire is some times so touchy. Some times fellow morning walkers give me a curious look seeing my facial expression up on listening to the podcast in my Ipod. Please give it a try.

We did celebrate our 62nd independence day here in Diamond District by Flag hoisting and playing patriotic songs. I could recollect the India's Silver Jubilee independence day in 1972(25th). Time just files. I guess, We have made a lot of progress, especially in the last 10 years in communications, technology, infrastructure. Yes, much more need to be done, more so in bringing in communal harmony, poverty alleviation, Clean drinking water and eliminate diseases that affect children like Polio, whooping cough, measles etc.
On a personal side, yesterday was Raksha Bandhan, the festival that connects brother and sisters. Sisters tie Rakhi on their brother's wrist on this day. I did receive Rakhi from both my sisters. (That was unexpected, as I was under the impression that the courier would have been closed, Yesterday, Saturday, they werent!!).

I have also received intimation that silver jubliee reunion, after 25th year of passing out of 1983 Batch of Thiagarajar college of Engineering, Madurai has been scheduled during October 2008. Travel schedule permitting, it would be a great occasion to see how much has happened in all the folks lives. I look forward to catching up with folks. Some of them would be Grand parents !!!!!.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

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