Sunday, August 24, 2008

Terminal 5,Clecy, Monarch, Flybe, Rambla,

I am in the Middle of 2 weeks travel in Europe covering UK, France and Spain. I am posting this Blog from Barcelona where it is 7pm and still an hour to for the sunset.

I had passed through Heathrow, Terminal 5, Monday on the way to Manchester. I must say things appear to have settled down there after all the initial chaos. The gates, Lifts seem to work in order. Of course, Not sure if the aero bridge works for the Ex terminal 4 flights. We were pulled in to the open landing area in to terminal 5 by bus. In my view the Southerrn Gallery lounge seems to be better to quickly grab something to catch connecting flights (Lot of escalators etc for the Northern gallery). Lets see how things shape up when all the flights move in. (My return flight to Bombay will be from Terminal 4).

I was amazed to see 100s of varieties of cheese during my stay in Clecy, France. (Normandy) for a person who has not seen or eaten cheese till about few years ago, this was a mind boggling experience. The Hotel serves almost 20 varities of Cheese for desert and each taste and flavor was unique. So it was all cheese tasting experience over 3 days. Yes, the french veg cusine was managable (Ofcourse, Italian is mouth watering). Yes, we did get a chance to see some of the areas totally bombed during the world war II. Didnt have time to go Normandy Beach.

I had an oppurtunit to fly low cost / budget airliner to my trips with in Europe. I flew Flybe to Rennes( For visit to Conde) and Monarch to Barcelona. (Both are from Manchester). Both flights were on time, good service. (Yes you got to pay for everything) This helps you to travel to small cities and avoid hassels of big airports.

For the weekend, I am in Barcelona. What a historical city. I thought Rome was the ultimate. But I guess Barcelona would give any historic city a run for the money. The best way to see the city is the Hop in hop out bus Barcelona Turistic. 26 Euros for 2 days and you can almost cover 50-60% of city thro the tour. Yes, you can walk around to get closer to action. A walk on the La Rambla is a must to see the sights of history, art, and see of people. Bus and train are cheap and good way to move around the city using Barcelona Card.
It has been a hectic week, so no time to read and post thoughts. Came across this interesting article on Dhirubhai Ambani. Very thought provoking.

Till next week, Take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

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