Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter, Manager Tools

The family had been to the movie "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix" movie Saturday. This was a kind of an event as the movie becomes the third movie I watched over the last 18 years.(Titanic in 1998, Spiderman in 2003) as I always feel that the movies are waste of time. As the kids grow older, I realize that you may need to be accommodative to their needs and requirements. Yesterday was one of those days where you kind of change your views and marched with them to the INOX theatere. The movie itself was OK and kind of gave a first hand feeling of the Potter Mania and the magic that is going around. Bottom line, KIDS are happy, So I am happy. Personally too, it was a good feeling that I made them feel happy.

OK, I am pretty excited that my favorite podcast and blog, Manager tools is getting in to premium subscription mode from 1st Aug 07. I think Mike and Mark the show producers have done a great service to the Mangers by creating 130 Podcasts on various topics like OOO (one on ones), feedback, Performance review etc. Each is a gem with practical dos and dont's focussed on achieving the results. I think, in my opinion, their efforts are the best thing that could have happened to Managers since Peter Drucker. Mark Hostman's eight laws are the best practical dictum that a manager should follow in workplace.
Here they are:
1. It's All About People
2. More Communication is Better
3. You're Not that Smart; They're Not that Dumb
4. Control is an Illusion
5. The River is Wide, the Currents are Messy, but all the Water Ends up in the Ocean
6. There are No Secrets
7. How You Feel is Your Fault
8. The "Other" Way Often Works Just Fine

OK, I am short of time this week, Will dwell on some topic during mid week.
Till then, Take it easy and take care, Live consciously.

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