Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baby India 60.

I am sorry that I was away from Blogging for a couple of things,too many things happening at home front which involved lot of conversations on Sunday as well as personal travel. I apologize.

As India turned 60 yesterday,I just thought that I will choose the 44 moments (There I go thats my age) that kind of defined the India as a personality. The success, the failures, the shame, the People, the companies that made it possible.
Here I go. This is not in order of preferences or seriousness.

  1. Emergency 1975. Country put to shame. Indian express fought it tooth and Nail. Yes, as a 12 year old boy I saw things happening with clockwork precision, trains were on time, government servants for a change worked.
  2. 1977 Election, Saw congress routed. Being a right winger at that age, I still remember chasing news in BBC radio as Indian media was suffering blackout of results.
  3. Moraji Desai/ Raj Narayan. The first non Congress prime minister who I consider as a man brought practicalities in to economy. Raj Narayan was our own Dan Quayle, of course more than a political comedian, he made sure that 2 prime ministers lost the job.
  4. Death Of Rajaji. I think he left a deep remark in South Indian politics for making sure that congress is wiped out as an entity in south India. Ofcourse, its a case of fire to frying pan as I guess this alienated south Indians from national main stream.
  5. 5day work week for government employees/ retirement age 60. Great move to make the work society less barbaric. I am a strongly against 6 day week as it inhibits productivity. This happened in 1985.
  6. Thermax. The great Indian company which can give a run for any multinational in terms of work culture. I am told things have changed a bit in the recent past.
  7. Sanjay Gandhi. I think his ideas were good, execution poor.
  8. Rajeev Gandhi Assassination. Welcome to the real world of terrorism of suicide bombings.
  9. Phokran II Testing. Made World take notice of India as a super power.
  10. Rakesh Sharma, Indias own Yuri Gagarin.
  11. Indias cricket win over England and West Indies in 1971. Cricket matured.
  12. India winning world cup hockey in KL in 1975.
  13. APJ Abdul Kalam The people president.
  14. Viswanathan Anand The world grandmaster champion of chess.
  15. Bachindra Pal, the first India women to claim Mt.Everest.
  16. Jayalalitha crushing the Tamilnadu government employees strike. I hope the goverment guys learned a lesson, Im told that they still get nightmare, good for them to get that to work.
  17. Jimmy Carter visiting India to begin the cold relations that Nixon had.
  18. 1971 War. Deeds of Arumugam.
  19. Sam Manekshaw/ Nanda/ PC Lal, the Architects of 1971triumph.
  20. Kuldeep Nayyar who took heads on Indira Gandhi during emergency. The yard stick for the fourth estate. Of course Indira Gandhi was our own Golda Meir.
  21. Justice HR Khanna of Allahabad High court. Who dare to cross path with Indira Gandhi.
  22. Kanishka Bombings.
  23. Kausalya Narayan/ Mohan Kumaramangalam death in plane crash in Delhi in May 1973,loss of emerging talents.
  24. Alliance air crash in Patna. The last we heard of aircrash in India (Touchwood).
  25. MGR Death in 1987, choas in TN politics.
  26. Emergence of private airlines, made air travel a common place.
  27. Sholay.
  28. Deaths in Kumbakonam/ Srirangam fire accidents. Never this should happen.
  29. Cargil War the heros.
  30. Formation of BJP. The Hindu alternative and awakening.
  31. Indian edition of Economist/ HBR, you can pay Rupees to get it, Great, so the world is coming to you.
  32. July 26th rain and havoc in Bombay.
  33. Shame of allowing communists to have a say in governance, else where the communism is in the museum.
  34. Reliance Industries, The indian industrial giant.You can hate or love them.
  35. Sam Pitroda/ Airtel Broadband. Virtual work made possible.
  36. Modernisation of US consulate for visa process, previously it was a shame to see the rush and chaos for visa. Some American thought enough was enough.
  37. Jumbo passport booklet, Thank god, with visa regime everywhere,you can atleast keep passport current for some more time.
  38. Availability of mineral water everywhere.
  39. Prannoy Roy/ Rajdeep Sardesai. Brought world class TV journalism in to India.
  40. Removal of hand pulling carts in Tamilnadu in 1977, I am still pained to see this in West Bengal and other states.
  41. Deve Gowda speech in Parliament, once he talked truth and sense.
  42. Godhra riots/ 1992 riots, I don't agree with Violence, at least this brought the knowledge to the world that Hindus can retaliate. I guess in some way things were squared and peace prevailed thereafter, I have seen enough curfew in Gujarat in my 12 year stay.
  43. Indian space program brought satellite TV home. Thanks to Dr Kasturi Rangan.
  44. Movie Swades. If I ever go back to work in Indian companies, this movie could have been the trigger.
Jai Hind.
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