Sunday, August 19, 2007

Class C cities Accelarating.

I am glad that I could find time today to sit in front of the Laptop.Its amazing that I haven't been out of Bangalore for 3 Months on business travel that when I got a chance on personal travel with my wife last week, it looked a new experience. You are so used to routine that a change is the thing you look forward to.

I was pleasantly surprised by the infrastructure available at the Madurai and Trichy airports. The facilities are much better in terms of passenger access, waiting area, catering etc. Infact Trichy airport expansion looks bigger than the present Bangalore Airport. This gave me a chance to travel on one of those rare occasions by Air Deccan from Madurai to Bangalore and to our relief the flight was on time. So some improvement. This visit also gave me a chance to visit the town Manamadurai in Tamilnadu. The town is 50 Kms from Madurai and famous for earthen pots. I did my First Grade here in 1969. I was with our uncle for a year as my father had been to Benaras for his higher studies. (He got his PG Degree when he was 28 and Ph.D at 58 in Corrosion Studies, more on thats for another blog for how I plan to follow his foot steps).

I was also amazed at the developments happening in Karaikudi, my home town. The one hour I spent on the morning walk shook me literally. I didn't recognize most of the buildings that have come up on the places I assumed something else existed. The houses of my school teachers, are razed and multi story shopping complex has come up. I couldn't even place the geographical coordinates to the nearness. Even street patterns had changed, so much so that my cousin who had come from New Jersey to meet my parents last week, missed the intersection to turn in for our house(He lived and studied with us for 3 years 15 Years back). Such is the mushrooming of real estate. The green trees and open space looks like thing of the past even in a C Grade town like Karaikudi which are quite and sleepy towns for educational excellence.

Changing subject, I am glad that Manager tools won the best Podcast award in the business category at Podcast Alley awards. I did my best to vote for Mike and Mark everyday. I am glad to see Anna too made it in the top 10. I am sure I had sent the Horstman's law to all in my email list.

Till next time, take it easy and take Care. Live Consciously.
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