Sunday, August 26, 2007

Men and Women

I am asking my wife to let me know a topic about which I should dwell upon on the blog. I am waiting for a response, as usual in a typical professional fashion she has put me on the hold. (it's 5 Minutes since I had asked) May be thinking difference between men and women could be the topic I can write about.

On that, I had read the following books and I would recommend, people to read,it had helped me a lot. Remember, I had a Lady Boss for 6 years.It was a great time in my career. You may read about her here. I had also mentioned about her in my previous posts.Besides my ex- boss, a She friend at work, helped me understand women better. Her friendship also gave me a different perspective to know and understand "What Women Want" and for the first time(after 9 years of marriage in 2000, some Sagittarians are naive you may say !!!!) I had brought a gift for my wife on the wedding anniversary / birthdays and this is now a routine affair 17 years in to the marriage. Its also a coincidence that these three women who influence me a lot and lot are all Cancerians.

Please go through the following books, It for sure made a hell of a difference for me and I hope for you too.
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Why Men dont listen Women cant read maps.

Its 15Minutes still no response, I guess, she has forgotten about the question. Not surprised aren't you.

Ok, I was very fortunate to hear Peter Drucker interview, I had read some of the writing of the great man,but was amazed at his clarity and humility, when I heard this interview. Pl take time to listen to this great master piece. The 45 minutes are worth it. Let me know your thoughts. I also want you to hear the tribute to Drucker by Various management gurus.

Ok, Here is Mark and Mike in Flesh and Blood in a sense. You might have heard the voice but not the face,Pl see Mark here.

I am saddened by the events in Hyderabad. My heart goes out for the families of people who lost the dear and near ones.

40 Minutes in to Blogging still no response from my wife.Thats what women are. Of course, She has seen this and I have green signal to post this uncensored.

Until next time, Take it easy and take care,Live consciously.

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