Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chief Happiness Officer

Many thanks to those who had responded magnificently to my response to join my linkedin Network. My Network connection score reached 100. It's a small beginning compared to the 500s and 1000s I see some persons have managed to connect. I think as the saying goes in this part of the world as "Well begun is half done" is true. I am also glad that Jason Alba of is the 100th member of my network. I was inspired by the podcast I listened to the manager's tools podcast. My idea of working the linkedin is to give give and reach out to people and have a Passion to work and interact with people.

Since fracturing his leg and was kind of immobile to do anything other than going to school and coming back as a physical activity, my son explored a lot on the web. He came across the music download website LIMEWIRE where you can download all kinds of music. He has downloaded all his favourite songs in to his Ipod. I thought after Napster, that music downloads are gone and a thing of the past and so it was a refreshing change. I am firm believer in original stuff and never believe in buying Pirated versions of the CDs or Books. (Would you buy a spurious medicine! that's what I ask my friends who buy these stuff). So I was glad that I could pay the US$18 as the licensing fee for the upgrade to the Limewirepro. I am glad I did that.

I was listening to the Podcast on the Anna Farmery show (The engaging Brand) and came across the podcast on "Chief Happiness officer and Emotions at work". The Blog by Alexander Kjerulf (First Danish personality, I have come across, I guess, other than Hans Christen Andersen ). More like the rare breed of Norway Music Group, A-ha of the 1980s. (Of course, their song "Take on Me" is my Number one favourite even after 23 years. I will stop anything I do and listen to it with my closed when I get a chance to hear it). I suggest that you do browse through his site and has lot of good information as to how to be happy as well as keep emotions on play at work.

Please visit Tom Peters website and down load the fantastic PowerPoint slides of 7 presentations. I did shamelessly Steal from his site. A very good information to have and mull over.

I just finished reading the 8th Habit by Dr. Stephen Covey for the second time. I analysed myself and practicalities around me the as I read the book this time. I suggest that its worth reading and gives lot of perspective of Spiritual, physical, emotional, Inteligence Quotient. The books is also about listening to your inner voice and make other people hear their voice. The video that accomapnies the book gives a lot of practical insight. It Costs Rs.495.

So I am fast approaching to complete my first year with Honeywell. Time just flies, looks like yesterday. Somethings are definitely different in the year I think. (The 8th Habit book was purchased when I went to Pune for the Honeywell Interview last year).

Untill next time, Take it easy and take care and live conciously.


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