Sunday, July 22, 2007


I thought I would spend time on 10 to change gear this week. (Not the Bo Derek, (She was the heart throb of our college days) 10 movie, Which we bunked classes/ college to see the movie) I also spent some time yesterday picking up recordings of Beethoven, Mozart, Pavarotti Yanni and Tchaikovsky besides some Indian Classical of Zakir Hussain, Shiv Kumar Sharma. I am sure to find some time to listen to all the classics.

By the way, the Harry Potter book arrived at 11am Saturday and the kids were relieved to read that Harry is alive. The kids haven't seen the 5th movie because of ongoing exams, Got to arrange for the viewing soon.

Because of the non availability of Star cricket TV Cahnnel in Bangalore, I am delighted to go back to internet and listen to CMJ, Henry Blofeld in test match special. Its back to good old days of 70s, 80s of school days. What a great feeling to listen over Bush Baron brand transistor on the roof top of the home with cups of tea,snacks and scoldings of parents.(nee oorupada maatae- meaning you will not come up in life) Of course we miss BJ and Alan Mcgilvary of ABC radio cricket who set the highest standards for the radio commentary. (Ball by description as they say in Australia)

10 of My all time favorite Songs which takes my breath away in that order.
  1. Take On me Aha
  2. Suddenly- Billy Ocean.
  3. Heart and Soul Hewey Lewis and the News
  4. Another day in Paradise- Phil Collins.
  5. Down Under - Men At work
  6. Top of the world - The Carpenters.
  7. Greatest love of all - Whitney Houston
  8. Fields of Gold -- Sting
  9. Too late for Goodbye Julian Lenon
  10. Imagine John Lennon
I also like some of the Indian Songs which are far and few. I can put the 3 best songs.

  1. Mehabooba Sholay Video
  2. Engae Nimadhi Poodiya Paravai Tamil
  3. Paadariyen SindhuBhairavi. Tamil
10 of my great sports personalities who inspired me to watch sports (when I get time) by their sheer deeds.

  1. Super Cat
  2. Guy the Gorilla
  3. Aryton Senna.
  4. Karl Heinz Rumminegge.
  5. Johnny Wilkinson
  6. Hassan Sardar.
  7. Bjorn Borg.
  8. Michael Jordan.
  9. Hristo Stoichkov.
  10. Severiono Ballesteros
Great to share my thoughts.
Till next week, Take it easy and take care. Live consciously.

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