Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ganesh, Robin Sharma and New Generation.

Hope all are doing fine. Looks like rains are playing havoc everywhere in Western parts of India. I remember the July 05 deluge in Bombay. I must tell you that I was very lucky to miss the whole episode of July 05 by just few hours. The night before I was in transit in Bombay for my visit to Aurangabad and flew in to Aurangabad the night before. Yes, I got caught in the after effects of rain at Bombay on the way back home, through delayed flights and mad rush in the airport as well as lack of even basic facilities etc at the Airport. I must tell you that the way Bombay responded to the whole situation is remarkable and seeing many cities in the world, I can bet that many cities would have fallen flat. (Yes, New Orleans was a classic case where things just collapsed).

OK, then, I must tell you that after 20 years, I got a chance to meet my classmate Ganesh in Madras. We did our graduation in Madurai (Thiagarajar College of Engineering in 1983, we passed out) and studied in different colleges for Post graduation in Coimbatore. I met Ganesh last in 1987 when he came to Ankleshwat to meet me. After that we lost track of each other for about 11 years as Ganesh moved to USA. Thanks to internet, I could trace him back in 1999 and we were in touch through email and phone. This time, when I was in USA in March 07, we decided that we would meet each other before the end of the year. So When Ganesh was in Madras for a couple of weeks in May 07, I squeezed in about 4 Hrs to visit Madras and we could meet. It was a great feeling to discuss and to assess the way we had moved forward and where the life has taken us. We could trace back couple of more of our classmates, But still got to plug out for the other 30 guys. It looks like yesterday and 24 years have just passed in a flash since I finished my graduation. Makes you feel a long time.

I am very much impressed with Robin Sharma's writing, I have just finished reading his book the "Monk who sold his Ferrari". Unlike the book written by Western Authors on personal development, he explains and coaches people for personal development with a lot of Indian way which are very practical and you are able to correlate many things with the preaching and instructions heard from Grandparents at our young age. I have purchased the complete set of books and would give my comments. He also has excellent podcasts which you can download from his website. His articles in his daily blog are very thought provoking.

Robin Sharma Podcast

I also wanted to touch up on some aspects of the new generation of students. I was almost surprised with the students turnaround in temples. (Lalitha and myself make it a point to visit the SHIRDI SAI BABA temple and the Sani Bagawan temple in Indra nagar) I am amazed at the number of college and school students who turn up at these temples to seek the blessings. I see many students and their prayers appear genuine ( You can hear them mumbling Hindu prayers which cant come unless you have mastered it with a bit of devotion). This made me feel that, contrary to hype played out in Media about life and style of present day students, things are just as same as it was in my days at Madras, Madurai or Coimbatore. One more reason to stop watching the IDIOTIC INDIAN TV Channels who show the unreal India. Of course, I always tell my foreign friends, when they are curious to know about India, I tell Bombay, Bangalore, Madras and Hyderabad don't even add up to 100 million people out of 1600 million Indian people. My message to them always has been, Quote" So don't go by what you see and these Idiotic things or way life out there don't even count for statistical sampling to consider validity." Unquote.

I am also touched by the Voluntary efforts done by students in community service, Yesterday as I was going to Airtel shop to work out repair for my daughter's mobile connection which didn't work for 3months despite paying all the money.( That's for some other blog some story for customer satisfaction!!!???) I was approached by a III year BCA Students, who is working out charity work like collecting donations for a orphan home. I called him home today and he brought all the documents. I was amazed by the efforts put in by these students for social cause. I even felt kind of guilt feeling that I could never find time to do these kind of social work in my college days. (Of course the economic/social scenario was vastly different). I have always made a point to make up for that by doing my bit through monitory aspects. Of course, over a period of time I plan to find time for that too. The Charity foundation is doing a great cause. Pl see what you can do.

Ok, On to some of the interesting websites I came across this week.

Social Networking and Relationship management software and a good blog site too. You may need to register, I find it good. Let me see how I develop. Jibijobber blog is also good. Check that out.

Hear Subroto Bagchi's podcast. I always admired this man, I never missed his writing on Business world. Here he is at Whartion Podcast.

Marshall Goldsmith is a class. I found his Podcast very thought provoking. His Books are also great. I got to buy them soon.

Finally, The Cranky Middle Manager Show is a must not miss it. Its great show. I have downloaded the 100 podcast. Will have to find time to listen to all like Anna Farmery's. Anna's show is more a closer to home feeling being British and you will be able to correlate many things.

OK so long, I am enjoying the 5th week of my stay with out travel any where and I am really Enjoying this. Its given me time to look deep in to whats happening at home, as well as keep the excercise schedules. Looking forward to another 4 weeks in July as no travel is planned as of today.

Till next time, Take it easy and take care; Live consciously.


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