Saturday, June 23, 2007

Whole lot happening.

The past fortnight indeed was an experience.
  1. My Son fractured his leg while playing basket ball there was also torn ligament besides the ankle fracture. He is on plaster cast for 4 weeks, The technology of plaster cast has come a long way. The whole process was done in 10 minutes in the hospital. The plast also affords spraying in powder and moisturizer to make him comfortable from itch. The other great thing was despite medical advice for 4 weeks to rest and not to put weight on the leg, he didn't even think about missing a school for a day. He used the ergo chair to move around the house and hopped around to reach class rooms. Children these days have much more resilience then we did. The good thing in this as I am not traveling, I am able to spend time with him and take care of his needs as much as I can. The last 5 weeks I have spent in Bangalore (NO travel) has helped me to also understand things that happen at home. This is the first time in the last 14 years that I have managed to stay more than 2 weeks at home.
  2. My Car met with a major accident (First time in 10 years), My driver avoided a certain triple fatality when the school children came in the path on the thoroughfare, and he had no option but to crash the vehicle in the divider as well as hitting a two wheeler(He was safe, No Injuries). Insurance helped out to cover the cost and I realized the value of insurance. That triggered me on thinking to have insurance cover for other possible eventualities which I haven't considered so far.
  3. I was also saddened by the death of 5 year old Piyush, son of a Honeywell colleague, Piyush had a rare form of recurring cancer and despite best efforts of doctors in Singapore couldn't make it and passed away Wednesday last due to post operative complications. The only consolation was that we all did our best finacially for the cause. Sometimes, you just wonder whether man has made any headway in tackling and unraveling the mysteries of Science. Its going to be ages, I guess!!.
  4. I was also appalled by the Indian media coverage over the Sunita Williams return from Space, looks like News channel have no news or events to cover. It looked like it was as though channels were creating news as well as making every effort to avoid a III world was situation. And by the way She hardly has any Indian connections??.This was more apparent when coverage of news items such as printing mistake in a temple Pamphlet(Dogs to feed Vs Dog meat will be fed) captured headlines. I have stopped watching Hindi/ Tamil films/ movies in 1989. Looks like I need to take a decision to stop watching Indian TV channels in 2007. With Internet available for you to cover news on your desktop at your choice to select, I guess this will be real possibility. I will keep you updated when I make the decision. (Already the time I spend watching TV has shrunk considerably).
  5. I am sure guys out there are availing the RSS subscriber to feed information from website to their desktop. I am taking advantage of this update tool to have the information on the websites I track and when They are updated, I automatically get the update on my desktop.

Ok, then some of the interesting websites that I came across this week. It shows you daily sunrise, sunset time on your desktop. Great site on developing your Resume. Rule is one page. NO More than that.

List of must read books for you and your family(Covers History, stories, Science, technology). Reading all this will take some time so you can plan some books for post retirement.

I have heard a lot about S Gurumurthy, But I havent heard him speak, This link gives the 80 Minute speech "The Indian Economy is Feminine" he gave in USA. Must listen and as an Indian you should feel proud. There are also other intresting podcasts at the website on India, Hinduism

You must listen to ANNA Farmery, this is a UK Based podcast( A rarity), she gives excellant insight in to Management practices besides, she updates her Blog daily, I managed do download 60 of the 88 podcasts. Lot of useful information. She is now in the top 5 of the management podast list.

Yesterday, for the first time I managed to hear Elvis Priestly Album. ( I guess it took me after 28 years of listening to western music) I have listened to his singles, never before Heard him on an album. 30 Minutes went just like that and I could go back in time.

Take care and catch up with you soon.
Till then, take it easy and live consciously.


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