Sunday, June 27, 2010

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I was saddened to read in newspaper that a school kid was crushed to death by her school bus here in Bangalore. It was a just an irresponsible act. I recollect the school bus in western countries take so much care. Wonder when the responsibility will take over.

I keep telling my overseas friends when I travel there that in India we progress in-spite of our government. The corruption, irresponsibility are so much. The resignation  here in Bangalore of Mr Santosh Hegde is a classic case. In this connection the open letter written by Mr Rajah Iyer to the PM is worth going. I follow Mr Iyer's blog very closely and lot of lessons to learn.
Some of the articles I came across this week.
1) Taking criticism personally wont help you; It will retard growth. 
2) Why I returned my Ipad HBR Blog. Peter Bregman
3) Inside the mind of an anonymous online poster.  How emotions flare up as response to events. 
4) Japanese folktales. Very interesting.

I am back to regular podcast listening and catching up. Would post links from next week. The Worldcup football is reaching fever pitch. 

Till next week, Take it easy and take care; Live consciously.


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