Sunday, June 13, 2010

K'naan, Schools, Twitter,

It is the time that comes once in 4 years when everything is set aside to focus on the action on the field and watch through television. It is truly the world cup  with 180 teams reduced to 32 exciting stuff not to miss. I am spending as much time as possible to watch action. I also blocked as much time in my outlook calendar to coincide the match timings as out of office.Luckily most matches are after office hours, yes some calls needs to be multi tasked. My four teams to quarter finals are France, Brasil, Uruguay/ Argentina and Germany/ Italy. Let me see. Already some exciting stuff with South Korea and England goal keeper making action.
The world cup Theme song has caught my imagination and I have been singing it umpty times as well as in the head. The singer K'Naan from Somalia just catches your imagination.

Came across this interesting post on testing your 1)focus and 2)Multitasking on the Newyork times tech page.

I was appaled by this news on attack on school in Bombay by some political activists. Where are we heading? It is sheer act of terrorising young children. There could be issues, but this is not the way. A far cry from the west where even presidential motorcade stops for school bus. When we will learn to be more civic! I wonder. On being Indian, I felt the resonance with PriyaRamani on the Indian way of thinking and interaction, her thoughts are very valid.

Here is an intersting cartoon on Remote conrol a woman might want! Hmm. I have not shown to my wife so far.(Now showing her!!).

With Twitter getting more and more part in our lives(Looks like 2 Billion tweets and counting), you need a client to handle. I came across Journotwit which helps to create column and manage contacts and behavior. My Handle is @karaikudy.
OK, It is short post, Will come back more next week. Till then take it easy and take care. Live Consciously.

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