Sunday, June 06, 2010

Success; Rewards; Social Media; Zakumi

It is good to be back to blogging after 4 weeks. I must apologize for this sluggish frequency over the last 3 months. This was due to travel, Construction work at our apartment as well as serious discussions on children education/ admissions as well as catch up on periodicals. Yes, it is also laziness to some extent. Moreover I was also more in to Twitter.(@Karaikudy); I love blogging as Chris Brogan's post and would posts more frequently. Needless to say my podcast activity is also at all time low. Should work that out too; So my excercise... It's time for serious review!!!

Glad to let all know the children are done thro school admissions, Daughter got in to St. Joseph college, with 93% she had walk in interview and done with. Son also made it in to NPS in science group 11th, having secured 99.5% in 10th CBSE. So it was not much of an effort chasing admissions which can be a nightmare for parents. Thankfully the kids spared that. Credit to them and my wife for having made them realized that education is the key asset for middle class to come up in life.
So with all good performances, son's favorite team Chelsea winning the EPL and his God Drogba winning the golden boot, I had fulfill his demand for an IPHONE 3GS. So that was given to him as a gift. He enjoys it, I also get a chance to work around it once in a while and I find the APPS amazing and user friendly and reliable as well enlightening.
Ok; Enough of personal info;
1) As indicated Twitter micro blogging site has lot of useful add on applications. This helps you track followers, find people with common interest. Here are 27 apps; some links
2)I am also in to GOOGLE BUZZ, which is 4 months old, cant believe, so much happening. It is also a good social trend and helps you to stumble up on new aspects in tech/ social/ every aspects. Buzz, I sense is more personal then twitter. Up on using them I came across so many acronyms that I was required to get a ref page for all symbols, short forms.
3) Here is an excellent article on Managing virtual teams posted by Economic intelligence unit. A very practical aspects in this cross knowledge/ functional/ frontier of managing work place. I am aghast at some of the goof ups / Faux-paus that happen when cross cultural interactions. 
4)One of the tough task is to register every webpage for freebies or product info, download and it is a tiresome task. I came across this site which helps to capture data and auto post to a temp email account which wont cause spamming of your genuine email in box.
5) Here are some good productivity hacks and Myth; This is a good site that allures the myth associated with. 

With the world cup foot ball starting this week; it is time to spend must time in front of the idiot box to capture the real world cup where 180 teams fight for a cup. I look forward to a fascinating, non eventful (safety, peace) football with ZAKUMI. The timings are also right. My 4 teams for semi final Brazil, France/Italy, Germany, Uruguay. Let's see.!!!..

Till next week, take it easy and take care. Live Consciously.

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