Sunday, September 05, 2010

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It has been quite a while (2 months) that I have not blogged. Yes, I was active on Twitter(@Karaikudy) and posting comments and thoughts in that medium. I begin to feel that the personal touch comes from blogging.
We had some celebrations of Independence day, Janmastami over time and I thought of posting the photos here.

The Independence day celebrations were the first one to be celebrated at PARK 3, and we called Dr Ashwath Narayan MLA Karantaka State, Representing our area, Malleswaram. He has been instrumental in getting railway gate open 24 Hrs (from 8 hrs which saves 3 km of circutous route) as well as doing all the lighting and hygiene aspects. The local corporator was also present. His speech was more on participating in civic leadership and not to look at politicians with cynicism. We also arranged some programs for the kids and adults with lot of of patriotic songs.

Some of the Programs.

This week also marked the celebrations of Janmastami, the birth celebrations of Lord Krishna. The celebrations were special as my parents are here. The foot print of lord krishna as child.....

Our Apartment, Renaissance PARK 3 is now officialy adjacent to the first WORLD TRADE Centre, Bangalore. The Brigade gateway project Building NORTH STAR has been declared WTC Bangalore.

3rd Sep is also a red letter day. MY daugther turned 18 and so now a Major and free to choose her path and way forward. We did some small celebrations.

Ok, on to the general happenings.
I am listening regularly to the weekly leader podcast. Great interview, discussions, social media min as well as podsafe artist. Peter Mello and Pam Fox Rollin do a great job. 
This week interview with Bob Sutton on Good boss- bad boss gives a divergent perspective. Yes, I have been blessed to work for great bosses for over 25 years now, except for a 24 week period in 1999, yes that triggered the desire to look for change.!!...
Finished 2 great books...........1) 3 cups of tea; The story of Greg Mortenson on building schools in Af-Pak. I am sure one day the nobel peace prize will redeem itself by going to Mortenson. What a way to fight terrorism!..
2) In to thin Air. The Disaster at Mount Everest 1996,12 deaths. More so as a safety professional, I correlated the various discrete incidents to the multiple causation theory.
3) I am more than half way done with WAR- Sebastian Junger. Mind blowing account. Never knew Bullets travel at 2000miles/hr and you get .25 sec reaction time and some shells at 18" away from you too can cause skin burns...!! A must read.

4) Came across email alert on 10 must read HBR articles. All are great lessons. Very fortunate to have read all of them. Print subscription to HBR helps. 
5) I am very disappointed to see that Wall Street Journal print doesnt do same day delivery @Bangalore. The day it happens I am in. Hope this happens sooner... Many  Indian cities are covered.....
Ok, till next week; take it easy and take care; Live Consciously.

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