Sunday, June 07, 2009

Temper, Kindle, Recession,Art of living, AF 447

Posting this blog with the multitask of watching French Open Men's final.

Saturday was a new experience for me from holding emotions/ temper perspective. As I had been indicating in the previous blog that I am planning to move to our new apartment, and I was indicating that the project at Renaissance Park III in Malleswaram, (Renaissance Holdings) is almost 18 months behind schedule. Yesterday, we had been given to understand that we will be meeting the CEO at his office to express our concern and request a speedy progress. When we reached the office, it was a shocker to see none of the senior executives had turned up and tempers of some of the flat owners assembled (About 40 of them) was flaring up; after a lot of angry exchange over phone, the mid level staff came to the office and met us stating that the project is slow progress but definitely not a no progress. After great reluctance, they have committed to bring the CEO to meet us next week. Let us see how things shape up!!. What saddens me personally was the lack of communication on progress, No regret at deadlines after deadlines being missed with no sense of remorse!. What was a shocker yesterday (with people who had come there by chance,) was other projects are also painfully slow. We hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, the market is slow; all projects by other builders are also delayed and flat owners having no say, but a honest, transparent communications and treating customer with dignity and respect as said by Gandhi would go some way!!. Looks like lack of emotional intelligence. Yes, some of the flat owners were in angry mode, but that is understandable.

Not sure that if I had mentioned about the Amazon Kindle, the new revolutionary ebook reader. Having seen a couple of them in old version over the last 18 months during the flights, I was impressed and the new Kindle version as well as Kindle Dx. No wonder it can be the Iphone of ebook industry. Yes, the price at 359$ is high and and is not available outside USA. I am sure with the popularity it would soon come out in other parts of the world.

The more I read international articles, the more it appears that India and China have escaped the deep effects of Recessions. Looks like the Decoupling has happened. I am seeing signs when I talk to my Indian company friends, who ask me back, "Recession,!! What Recession!!???". It is good to see India and China would lead the recovery. Of course, the effects on long term would be worth waiting and watching.

This week on the personal side, I attended the Toastmasters session as a guest and found it interesting!!. I might give a serious thinking to become a member. Worth the efforts it appears. Also, for the first time I attended the Art of living session conducted by Sampath Althur who did a great job guiding us to the right way. It was a great experience to undergo the session. While the activities, per se, were nothing more than an ergonomic stretch,I feel the effect of refreshingly different from within comes from the deep peace and the way breathing in and out which kind of cools you a lot. Let me see how I take this forward to the next level.

I leave you with tragedy of AF 447, and pray that the trauma of the family of dead is settled soon with the discovery of the wreckage and bodies. That will give the family members a chance to give decent funeral and feel an unknown is resolved. Also with the black box, when found would lead to the mystery unveiled and lessons learnt will be implemented to avoid recurrence and to take aviation safety to the next level.

As I finish blog, Federer has won Roland Garros, the last frontier for him.!

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.
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