Sunday, June 14, 2009

Emergency, Traffic, Soderling, U-Turn.

This Blogpost is worked from IE8.0 for a change. The search for this blog post is done thro BING. Let me post my comments next week on how this worked out.!!!

As posted in my facebook page, My father has been hospitalised in Manipal hospital for an emergency (but not life threatening) surgery Friday evening. The surgery went well and he is recovering well. We hope to have him back home, Tuesday. The Manipal hospital (near my home so makes the commute easy)is one of the best hospital with team of good doctors and support staff. Yes, I do find the administrative section like paying doctor fees, getting appointment, retrieving medical reports are irksome and frustrating. I wish they could take advantage of technology, Medical Record management systems to manage information/ access/ for patient interaction better. !!

Also Friday was a significant day for other event, yes, if you had read my recent posts, I have been covering the progress about my upcoming home and issues etc. We did get an appointment to meet the CEO of Renaissance Holdings Mr Ramanj. The meeting went well in a cordial atmosphere(!!) and we got to understand each other's perspective and issues. The good news is that CEO has committed himself to end our Park III project, in about 4 to 6 weeks. We are also seeing some evidence like permanent Electric supply restored etc. I will for the time being put an end to this topic and lets review in say about 6 weeks to see where things stand!!.

Over the last 2 weeks, I had first hand experienced the perils of traffic jam in Bangalore. The heavy rains in low lying areas at which my office is located made experience of commuting a 10 mile drive in over 120 minutes.(twice in a week!!). Yes, the positive side for me is almost after 2 years, I switched on the CD system in my car and listened to the music/ FM Radio. Hmmm, something positive. The rains had its share of tragedy with 2 people being washed away in the open storm drains in to which they were sucked in by the flood waters. You would assume the city is safe!! Not so. Yes, there are changes in civic administration, but it calls for more of execution I would assume.

Who remembers a loser!, we may wonder. The way Robin Solderling, conducted himself in the presentation ceremony of the French open final at Roland Garros is an example of some times the winner gets overshadowed, the way we enjoyed himself made me wonder as to whether he had won the open?. He treated us to a great exhibition of Tennis. Well Done Sir.!!.

It was interesting to read Andrea Jung interview in which she says Fire yourself and do an introspection to come good. Very true!!, the issue is we don't let go the ego in us to do a self search!.

I leave with an interesting article which I read in WSJ, on the reverse brain drain the great U TURN. Who would have thought that thing would come to this!!!. Anyway!!.

Don't wait till next week, I am more comfortable with GOOGLE. Switched after doing half the blog.!!.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

PS: Meeting a school senior after 29 Years in the hospital yesterday. Dr Latha; whom I met in Hospital Saturday, is a senior (3 years) from my school at Karaikudi. Amazing is the human memory to recognise some one after 29 years in a split second!.

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