Sunday, June 28, 2009

Balance, School children, Coffee, Good Boss.....

It is good to be back to blogging after last week ill health. It was tough times but it gave a chance to catch up on reading.....

One of the key aspect in life is work life choice. To choose and work balance between work and personal life. Both needs to be maintained, somehow in this part of the world one overlaps over the other most of the time. I saw an interesting aspect of this during my visit to Japan a couple of years back. On Wednesday evening, no one is allowed to stay late, they need to clear their work desk and leave for home. Exceptions are by prior permission from Boss's boss. A good chance to at least spend an evening with family. Wish some of our folks learn this and make a beginning.

I always wondered when I hear from my American friends that children participate in so many extra curricular activities!. I always wondered how do they find time for all such events beside studies. I got some of the answer from Lexington this week, that American children spend 32 Hrs a week in school with 3 months vacation vis a vis 45 Hrs a week here in India.(6 days) and 6 weeks holidays. No wonder there is time, but I am glad at least many kids there spend it usefully in extracurricular activities!. Good for them... I hope.

This article made me wonder!! May be it is a joke! That Comrade Chavez fears that President Obama is more to the left than himself or Castro!... Yes, the way economy is shaping up.. Staling may stir in his grave!!.

Here is an interesting snippet on the drink to which I am addicted. Coffee is good for health so says HBR so justifying my 7 cups a day (large 400 Ml cups)..... I almost gave up coffee in the year 2000. The addiction picked up during the Maiden USA visit in 2001 kicked in the habit back and since then the resolve has gone downhill... More so with cups presented in USA as souvenirs didn't help.. Talking of HBR, here is a great article I read by Prof. Sutton on How to be a good boss in bad economy. I only hope, we don't put this in to execution!! and as good to know. I begin to feel HBR is beginning to revamp itself under new editor Adi Ignatius. I wish him success and look forward to great compilation serving practical aspects of Management and leadership.

Mr Suparna, our good friend (Park III Home owners association) has forwarded me an email on Vivekananda university on Yoga here in Bangalore. Thought of sharing this information in the blogosphere.

Until next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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