Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oscars, 3000 £ Tips, Bad Boss, Childhood Memory

So the Oscars are out. As expected the Oscar committee went with the herd mentality and gives awards to the film that is popular without any logic. I didnt see anything fancy in the Slumcrap movie as classic as Titanic, No country for Old man, Departed or Gandhi. I still wonder how " Curious case of Bejamin Button" missed more awards!!.Any way that is how it goes. While I am a die hard fan of Old school of Indian music directors like Vishvanathan- Ramamoorthy, I have some inclination to listen to Illayaraja and AR Rahman. But the music for Jai Ho is nothing earth breaking to receive an Oscar as Rahman himself admits. If you listen to his Vandemataram (Salute to the mother land) or Mustafa mustafa or Roja, they are great tunes that turns you and melts you and would last and linger for ever. I guess 2 years down the line no one is going to hum Jai Ho. It will be gone with the Wind.

Rahman's Oscar also brings out the fact that you need a western touch to launch your career to the next level, it may be recognition, coaching or education be anything to go to the quantum leap as they call. I can even feel that in my case, the toughest jobs to sweat it out, the challenging experience, hands on,the most intricacy in learning were all in Indian companies till 1991. I guess the learning was almost complete in the first 6 y ears with 16 Hrs a day, 6 days a week, common thing and no big deal and the learning was tremendous (Not to waste time to get snacks / dinner on company expense!!). The recognition, rewards and the materialistic success all happened when I moved to the Multinational environment!!! Yes, the self refinement was amazing in the MNC environment. I guess the Indian system is more harder on people to hand out recognition and reward, may be sets the bar very high!! or praise and miss out the 12 elements of great managing.

I took this Web basics quiz, got 6 out of 20 correct, you may try it out!!.

It was fascinating to read the fortune article last week on Facebook, I didn't work my profile or so I thought. When I did enter my user name and password , Wow, there was my facebook profile created some time back. I had an inkling that I would have created and wouldn't have missed my presence in the most happening thing!.

Wow, here is a personal reflection, 2 Prisoners escaped while guards watched cricket match on TV in Australia. Reminds me of my childhood memory of listening to the radio cricket commentary of match in Jullundar (1974 West Indies in India) and letting thieves come in to my home and steal away the cloths put out for drying), still remember the scolding from parents.!!!. Wonder how the guards felt??.

I have subscribed to Dier Spiegel International web edition and was astonished to read this article in which a British banker tipped 3000 £ tip in the bar. No wonder the economy is hitting south. The article discusses the dismal state of UK economy!!.
Wayne Turmel, is coming out with webinar/ training session on How to create and manage remote teams on 30th March. I have attended Wayne' s great web meetings, live once last year and it is worth attending. Here is the link for registration.

I have been very very lucky that in my 24 years of career, (excpet for a period 7 months during the last millennium, when I had a bad boss who was agressive/ arrogant) I had been blessed to work under great bosses. If you are in such a unlucky situation, here is a series of podcasts from Mike and Mark on career tools. Basically it is to align yourself to his behavior and work out exit plan if it wont work out!!.

I leave you with the 100 best leadership blog list.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live concisously.

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