Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sign of growth, Semantic Web, Loving Relationship, This yet that

This is the time of Performance reviews and discussions on compensation revisions. I am getting comments from my friends, that in these time of uncertainty, while at one end of the spectrum it is a great achievement to keep the job intact without worrying too much about pay cheque. There is an another school, which is oblivious to theses situations and measure the growth only in terms of Salary raise and cash components to take home and be happy about it and nothing else matters. I just wonder where the balance lies?. On behalf all those managers who are facing this dilemma, I have posted the question in the MT Forum.

Steve Pavlina is back with a fabulous 100 Minute podcast on discussing Loving relationship. Steve quote"
This is a podcast about loving, intimate relationships that Erin and I recorded together this afternoon. We discuss the inner workings of our (almost 15-year) relationship in depth and share insights, advice, and stories regarding the various topics that touches lives". Worth listening, I enjoyed it very much and the discussion gave me some insight to improve my Loving relationship for sure. Thanks Steve.

I received a forwarded email from a safety manager in which the Wall street investment banking firm had appreciated his company's efforts and mentioned a line or two in their forecast report. I was just wondering who are these folks responsible for appreciating about these TECH focused activities? Do they really know or have a grip on what is happening? Do we take that with a pinch of salt and dance on the ceiling? I guess the whole mess, we are in today, is all due to the investment banks/ wall street making. It was like a saying in my mother tongue Tamil" Saitan vedam Odukiradu"( Satan Preaching Bible to the congregation!!). I dream for the day when Wall street tunes are no longer heard and people don't dance to it! The results are more focused on Technical performance/ producing quality people and decent margins. Not in my life time I guess!!.

I am reading "Toyota Way" by Jeff W Liker. This book is an eye opener, for those who want to learn the lean manufacturing. What I liked the most in the book is the concept" This YET That" which looks at contrasting aspects that go in to designing and building a world beater. A must read for any one who is on the manufacturing/ Supply chain side.

As I was reading the HBR Feb 09 on the "Breakthrough ideas for 2009" list. One of them "Semantic web" caught my imagination. I look forward to the day when search results for what we want is all bundled up and served in one page!!. That day may not be far away.

Ok, Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live consciously
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