Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 years, Poll, Supremecourt, Vandelism.

This week completes 10 years of creating my hotmail ID. I can still remember the cybercafe location in which I created the Hotmail Account in Mangalore when I was working in BASF. I felt that time itself, Email and web was the way to work out things and they will break the knowledge barrier that existed based on geography. I can recollect the first exposure to the internet during my interaction with CII-EMD team in New Delhi. That became an addiction during the 3 week visit to Yokohama on AOTS Scholarship where anything and everything was on the web based applications. I am glad I embraced the internet and results were always great. Yes, Microsoft was Hobsons choice at that time. 2Mb storage space was a big thing and big file size attachment a big no. My son wonders how people managed files less than 2Mb. This was endorsed by Bill Gates and Steve jobs in their conversation with Walter Mossberg in 2007 at D5 conference when they admitted 128Kb in 1980s was a big thing. Long way ahead!!.

Linkedin has a poll option by which it is possible to post polls to collect data. I have posted one today on the support function that is required for carrying out day to day activities.

I came across this judgement by the honorable supreme court of India that it is no longer necessary to submit proof for getting tax deductions from employer for travel on holidays and conveyance. This is indeed a land mark judgement. I wish the tax deduction is made as an affair between employee and Income tax department. Many of you reading this would agree that the finance managers are so risk averse these days that they are hesitant of taking decisions and do an overkill sticking to the rule of law. A far cry from the finance managers of the 1990s who did things based on trust and judgement and principles of integrity and supported all functions as a job enablers!!. You can only dream of such kind of managers. I always miss such managers in an Indian context!!.

One of the mystery of the cricket was why was the Ashes test at Headingly, Leeds in 1975 was vandalized and spoiled us of one of the great finish in cricket history? Never followed up on that, I got the answer in this week's economist on the Obituary of Rose Davis whose husband's jail sentence marked vandalism of the cricket pitch as a way of protest.

Ok, Till next week, Take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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