Sunday, February 15, 2009

Retrival, Kenken, Kindle, Friday 13th.

A quick check on the number of Blog postings, completed 125. Going good with one post a week commitment. Taken almost 40 months, so at 3 an average per month. Would like to see 200 when I hit 50 Months, lets see!! Stretch target!!.

I always believed that linkedin is a good tool to expand your network, it was a bonus for me to find out some of my college mates almost after 25 years. Ofcourse,the indirect way of some of the person who knows them were on linkedin as secondary connection and my search turned up to make them join on my network. Great dig tool I should say.

I read about the new number puzzle game Kenken which it appears more complex than Sudoku. I have wondered as to how people can doing that for hours together!!. I must admit I am never a fan of crossword/ number game/ puzzle etc. Never remember trying out one!!. Life is too simple to indulge in unveiling the unknown or complex issues.

This week, Kindle new version was released and there are raving reviews and there is hope that this will revive news paper reading!!. The price 359$ is little high for this part of the world. Lets see how it takes shape. I remember Ipod/ Iphone was distant dream even couple of years ago here, but it is now available at reasonable price! I would assume, Apple/ Google may come out with something to capture the market!!.
I was deeply touched by this reality story in Fortune, It really brings to us the situation of those affected by US recession across spectrum. Makes you wonder where everything went wrong and what is the quickest way out?

I am not a superstitious person, so dont bother much for the day and date. But still the events of this Friday the 13th made me to think about it!!. Yes, I remember the historic aspect in Davinci Code. The Plane Crash (Friday here in India) and Train accident which together took about 70 lives. Wonder, what could have been done different.

I leave with the link to the famous Tamil podcast on devotional aspect, Varam oru Allayam (Weekly temple visit in Tamil). Nataraj has done in an in depth research and makes a wonderful presentation. Worth listening for those folks, who believe that whatever happens to them is Divine's will.

Untill next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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