Sunday, February 08, 2009

Happy, Soles, Feedforward, Resurgence, Pyjamas

I am enjoying one of the best times, Yes, you may wonder why? It is because due to the dispute between the cable Television operators and the television channels over subscriptions, many of the TV news and entertainment channels are blocked for viewing. So no Bull crap of made up news and idiotic news / entertainment (So called!!!) coverage by third rate / sickening presentations. As such I don't watch TV more than 15 to 20 min a day and follow news thro Web( NYT, BW, BBC, JP thro the RSS feed). I have covered before about this topic so I wont beat the horse to it's death.

The times of recession shows how to be frugal, here is a WSJ article on how Americans are driving an hour to find a cobbler and mend their shoes thus to save 500$. Interesting to read that many are seeing what a cobbler does for the first time. Reminds me of a joke

In a worldwide survey UN asked a question:

"Would you please give your Honest opinion about solution to the Food Shortage in the rest of the world?":!:

Drastically the survey failed because :

Africans don't know the meaning of 'Food'.
Indians don't know the meaning of 'Honest'.
Europeans don't know the meaning of 'Shortage'.
Chinese don't know the importance of 'opinion'.
People of central-east(?) countries don't know what is 'Solution'.
South American people don't know what is 'Please'.
& lastly....
Americans don't know what is 'Rest of the world'.
I came across 10 of the best all time HBR articles in the new HBR site. All are a gem!! worth going thro.

Almost 3 months after purchasing, I finished Marshall Goldsmith's What got you here, wont get you there. A must read for every one who has aspirations in life as well as for the one who are a boss. (Including myself). Marshall has given practical solutions to the issues which retard our way thinking as we move forward in life. Feedforward is a wonderful concept.

Yes, I will complete with news that will please a life long, die hard WINDIES fans like me( the only cricket team I had supported and follow closely for 37 years) the trashing they gave to England last night. What a victory,looks like Petersen and company were already thinking about IPL rather than their heart at Sabina Park. I was skeptical when Daren Powell predicted 3-0 win, But that looks a real possibility now!!. Sad state and wonder how much IPL ( Underwear cricket, much like Bill O'Reily's Pyjama cricket) is going to cause havoc and disaster in many cricketing nations growth and ambitions!!!.

Until next week, take it easy and take care, Live Consciously

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