Sunday, September 21, 2008

Work life choice, Awards, Drucker, Hammer.

I thought I would touch up on the work life choice topic from an Indian context. I prefer the term Work life choice as coined Jack and Suzy Welch. It is all about working a value with which personal/ work factors are taken. I am of the view that values change and working a balance between personal/ work life is one such area which doe not change with time. My personal view is that this practice more established in an Multi national cultural environment with western focus. Of course, it is all to do with your boss, your organization is as good or as bad as your boss. Based on the reality check, on first hand account from my close friends who had worked 10+ years in MNC and then moved to the Indian companies have found that this concept is practically non existent and are wondering what can be done to inculcate such practices. I had a discussion on this with my wife, and my theory is that in an Indian scenario, I told her, (She had no view on this!!)the family sees making money for the security aspects that they themselves dont push for the work life choice to happen, It is put aside in preference to wealth creation.(Still in the first or second rung/ stage of Maslow theory on heirarchy of needs!!) I guess, this could be true from CEO to an ordinary employee in a typical Indian work culture who worry about wealth accumulation and comfortable life as main task. I would assume the family has to take the blame for the lack of work life choice. What the family can do to turn it around??? by taking initiative and see the employee see the value of worklife choice. Also the Indian work culture evolves around power distance which is high, (Less than some countries in Asia) Boss is always right and his comfort is my comfort, with no room for dissent. Forget work life choice, the typical Indian companies, I am not sure encourages, telecommuting, remote management aspects which are common place in many industrialised world. (Outside software environment, even there I wonder!!). It would be interesting to hear views on this forum.!!!.

I was pleased when Lalitha received the best employee of the month award (See picture above) from her employer. I am from a conservative thinking side on awards, that you take the best employee on board and get the job done and success and rewards will all be part of all intangibles. I feel some times these rewards and recognition (Some times they call rapid recognition) loose its meaning and significance, if they are given out just to meet some targets set. I have heard comments from folks that these award plaques are no more worth than paper weight!!. Ofcourse, this is not to take any credit from places where it is fully valued and felt important.

After 21 years of first seeing the book, Effective excecutive by Peter Drucker, I took out time to go through the book. No wonder he can be called the father of management. Amazing concepts.

I am saddened by the passing away of Michael Hammer during the first week of September. I consider his HBR article Process Audit a path breaking one on re-engineering. It gave me a clear idea has to how to approach from a process perspective on any business systems. May his soul rest in peace.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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