Sunday, September 14, 2008

Down the Memory Lane. Dr RV.

I was away Business travel to Madurai the town where I had done my Graduation studies. Honeywell has a facility on the premises of college where I studied. I took time off from the schedule to visit the college and catch up with some of the college staff. This was my first visit to the college since passing out in 1983.

Really, it was a walk down the memory line, when I walked through the lengthy stretch of road from Honeywell facility to the college(see map) the memory of subjected to ragging/ and irritating questions by senior students back in 1980 just flowed through. Yes, they were within limits and there was no physical harassment involved. I wonder where is the status of Ragging (Hazing) now?. I feel,One side of ragging is that it helps you to build courage and face realities of the world at a younger age as you step in to competitive environment at work.

The college itself has undergone lot of changes as one would expect!. New buildings, new canteen facility,statue for founder of college Thiagaraja Chettiar. A case of one more chettiar contributing to the education wellnsee of India. Of course! I was puzzled / amused by the new Ganesh temple in the facility. Religious, as I am (A little conservative you may say) I strongly believe that Religion/ religious practices have no place in educational institutions and it should be secular more so in open institutions. You are there to study Science, Language, History, so I was kind of wondering what lead to the building of temple inside college premises!!!??.

Ofcourse, I was more than deligted to catch up with my chemistry lecturer(Then) Dr R Vasudevan who is now the dean of external coordination. My professor, Dr V Subrahamanian, is no more (He passed away in 2006). Dr Vasudevan coordniates the research on use of recylce plastics for laying roads and has worked a patent on the plastic bitumen technology which is gainining popularity. We could catch up besides on the college progress, Dr RV's personal interaction with President Kalam on his research, on trends in education, quality of educational systems. It is another matter (A sad one!!) that the engineering colleges have mushroomed to a ridiculos level that any one and every one who passes high school is assured of a engineering seat, thus leading to poor talent pool who some time lacks the basics to survive in a competitive environment.

Steering away, I am excited to see Sarah Palin being chosen as John Mccain's running mate. I guess this gives Americans a chance to redeem themselves for missing out in 1984 (Also for democrats, who missed electing Hillary!!). She is one heart beat away to create history!!. My personal beleif is that women manage issues a lot better and their emotional / social intelligence levels are better tuned to manage issues. Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher would substantiate this with their turnaround. So I am predicting a Republican continuation at white house. Ofcourse, I respect Obama, he is also good. But this is more personal choice. I recollect rooting for Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton in the past.

I am saddened by more bombings and death in Delhi last night. I guess this raises the question about strong anti terror laws. Coming in the week of 7th Anniversary of 911, just makes you wonder that how post 911 security well has been managed in USA. I guess it all boils down to political will and courage to go beyond vote bank politics.

TIll next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

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