Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shanghai Nights

I am back from my business trip from Shanghai this morning. I didn't cover much of my first visit to this modern buzz city as the Korean trip that followed my visit to Shanghai dominated my blog post.
I did spend 4 days this time and took time in the evening to go around the city as well as the Saturday forenoon to explore. The city is buzzing with activity and the areas are earmarked for day and night exploring respectively. I had indicated the MAGLEV experience last time. The Shanghai metro is also one of the best and cheapest and easy to go around. Yes, the taxi fares in Shanghai are reasonable, of course still we come across some cab driver who pretends the taxi meter does not work and demands fare beforehand.(More so at 11 in the night).
The city is rich mix of old and new the temples like Jingan temple and gardens represent the old while modern sky scrappers and broad roads and museums on science and techonology takes you to the present day trends. The Bund tunnel ride reminds one experience I had in Madame Tussauds.
Yes, there were some learnings too, in my return flight, last night from Hongkong, I had left a bunch of new magazines purchased in my seat and went for a bio break (as soon as I boarded the plane) when I came back in 2 minutes, all were missing!!!. So the learning is take out magazines after the flight takes off. Also it shows you ( I learned) that how uncertain things are!!!. It all can go in a minute.
Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

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