Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mhd Shah Rukh Khan, Kadeeja, Mahdavia!

1) Today is the 13th death Anniversary of my Grandmother. Baani ( Banumathy) as she was called, lived an amazing life close to 90 years, calling shots to any one and every one! I cant recollect any one dare contradict her. I grew up listening to all the bed time stories and mythology. She would ask me, If I would cry at her corpse!! As luck would have it, the day she passed away out of nowhere in 2005, I was in Lahore, Pakistan and could not make it to funeral and fulfil her wish! hmmmm! The very reason, I moved to South India soon after Grandfather passed away in 1995 not to miss funerals! Something called destiny! 

Grandmom with Great Grandson -1994!!!
2) While Indigo does good job many times, I am getting frustrated at the service at HYD-BLR sector. The Flight 6E 357 is often inordinately delayed, yesterday it was 80 min late, adding insult to injury is it is Small Planet flight and I always pick up quarrel with Indigo staff at boarding gate over piece of baggage carried. They say only one piece allowed?? Seriously? Business traveller?? I am contemplating change of carrier from March travel plans!

Udaipur travel was a fabulous trip. While it was business trip with 9 to 6pm squeeze, I got some free time to go around the city. This was thanks to great Chauffeur, Mohammed ShahRukh Khan. Great driver and knows the city inside out. So If you are planning travel there Give him a call, I am sure you would not regret it.  You can contact him at  +91 80786 20347 or 7014815626. 

Mhd Shah Rukh Khan Chaffeur at Udaipur!! A fabulous driver and guide!
What more is needed to show India is continent of contrast then the recent Wink Song! Forget the movie part, the song which has gone ruptures with global review as well as causing some conterversy as it reflects the love Kadeeja had for prophet Mhd. This song is more than 45 years old and is a traditional song amongst Muslims in Northern Kerala sung during wedding. A hardcore Muslim from other parts of India may take offence, but not so in Kerala, TN which has its own sets of rules!

Here is old version which is 3 years Old. Mappila is term to Muslims in North Kerala (near Mangalore where I lived 1997-2000)

Manikya malaraya poovi,
(A girl like a pearl flower)
Mahathiyam ka khadeeja Beevi,
[Here highness khadeeja Beevi(RA)]
Makkayenna punya naatil,
Vilasidum Naari,
Vilasidum Naari,
(The woman who lived like a queen in the holy city of Mecca
Haathimunnabeye vilichu,
[She called khathim an Nabbiyyin Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)]
Kacha vadatheen ayachu,
(Sent as in charge of her trade expedition)
Kanda neram khalbinullil,
First sight of him ,Her Qalb (heart) desired him,
Kachavaradum Kayinj,
Muthrasoolulla vann,
(Blessed Rasoolullah (PBUH) came back after expedition)
Kaliyana aaalojanaikyaay
Beevi Thunij.. Beevi Thunij..
(To marry the Prophet was the Beevi desire)
Another Muslim driver, Another fabulos story, to hear from Syed Burhan my driver at Hyderabad. Actually "Syed" originates from branch of Islam which practices, Mahdavia. He actually said, very different from Shia and Sunni form Islam and practiced mostly in Hyderabad, Amdavad, Lucknow! His views very different and interesting discussions over two days! 
Take it easy, take care God bless

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