Saturday, February 10, 2018

45 Year wait over! When, Company Man,Miss you Karen!


1) I am back from Karaikudi last night (Late night Indigo; very unusual, 1 hr delay). Lalitha and I had been there to perform the 6th month rituals of Dad. Time just flies. Dad's first anniversary ritual dates are scheduled for 4,5,6 and 7th AUG 2018, it would arrive in a blink of an eye!!! 

2) On way back during stop over at Madurai last evening, this picture triggered memories. The painting is good 60 years old. Still maintained intact at my cousin's home. There used to be a 0 watt bulb ( mini) that would serve as night lamp during 1960s attached to this portrait and I as 6 year kid used to fall asleep staring at it......

1) As I am now totally away from Twitter, Facebook, as well as other Web interactions, I get plenty of time to read books as well as catch up on movies. So It was awesome moment this week. In 1973-75 Window, great movies like 1) Fear over the City, 2) Cold Sweat got released. The movie tickets would cost 1 Re. (Then US 15 cents), but it would be a dream to get that much pocket money,so the great movies were given a miss! So the joy was no bound when I got Youtube link to these movies this week. Thanks to Technology, I wont go to grave having missed such a class action movies and more so I have decided never to go to theatres and waste time, it is now my terms and I pull movie rather than entertainment being shoved down my throat.  

2) Finished reading DAN Pink's latest book "WHEN" an awesome read. How timing matters a lot! Also you can check your profile as to you are an owl or a lark. Awesome aspects of Premortem as opposed to post mortem. A must read guide to work timing! 

3) Want to know everything that is FUCKED UP with corporate life! Read Joseph Finder's "COMPANY MAN" a CEO struggle to steer the company! It is fiction, but you can bet your last cent that it is mix of all real incidents that happen at C suite. Finder is a master in exposing the ugly side of corporates. Paranoia was class act. The book gave me awesome company for the 8hr train ride to Karaikudi, Wednesday night!! hahahhah!!!! 
4) This week (4th Feb) marks the 35th Death Anniversary of Karen!! boy time flies!!!! I just can't beleive she is gone for so long!!

Take it easy, take care, God Bless
10/2/18; 1330 Hrs.

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