Sunday, February 18, 2018

Good Job #INDIGO!!

I am back home from Udaipur, I was away on business travel.

When I landed this morning at Bombay airport at 1030am via 6E 748, ( 20 min early) I casually walked to Indigo counter to check if there are earlier connection to Bangalore. (1240 pm there is one) to my surprise the Indigo staff were in animated conversation. When I asked what happened? They replied that my flight 6E 3177 scheduled for 1545 Hrs had been cancelled ( as were three more BLR flights for the day) due to congestion, Fog early morning at Bangalore and Dumb ass Idiot திருட்டு பய  Modi bugger visiting Bombay, thus causing air traffic congestion.

Being a global traveller, I calmly told them take me to Bangalore via any route!! Which was delight to them, so they tried Trivandrum, Cochin, Madras and then connecting to Bangalore. After few minutes I was given boarding pass for Bombay -Madras-Bangalore with me reaching home around 2200 hrs instead of 1800 Hrs. All flights were going full as were other airlines to which these guys tried reaching out for direct travel. 

The story didn't end there, after I finished sec check at at 130pm, I got a call from Indigo staff who helped me with the above arrangement, that the flight 3177 was restored and they have reissued my boarding pass and baggage tag !( I checked bag when I know it was a long haul to home) The female staff who helped me came to security gate and handed the new boarding pass which was above and beyond their call of duty.

The flight was delayed by an hour. I reached home now. ( 2 hrs earlier than 2200 hrs scheduled via Madras)

The Indigo staff did a super job. Yes they also acknowledged my coolness and suggestion to take me home somehow rather than hell bent on going direct.....

Few good people exist, yes as I told Indigo staff, everything in India including few Indigo staff are inconsistent. But Bombay team has always helped me when I reached out to them!! 
Good Job once again. 
18/2/18 2000 Hrs. 

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