Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Just wanted to share my work station at home; A good work place is required to focus/ engaged, more so when the norm is 14 Hrs a day. The second picture is WIMAX which helps me to stay connected when there was no last mile connectivity.
The key principles which help me sustain is also on sidewall.

I am a self Confessed Manager tools fan and I consider myself fortunate to have stumbled on the site 3 years back. Since then it has been of immense help and I try to post my comments wherever I can.Most of my work principles are guided my Horstman's law which forms a part of display at my work cubicle. Therefore it was personally overwhelming when I received comment from Mark on the linkedin forum this morning. Thanks MT Team.
I am following @BillGates on Twitter; He sends out valuable links(obviously!). This is one such on what he learns and focuses. On the twitter trips and tricks I find this post helpful to increase response to your twitter page as well as get more followers. I also found Seesmic a good twitter interface and using it now to collect and post tweets in addition to Linkedin interface.

On, HRD front; Peter Cappelli dished out a great article on Leadership lessons from India. The article is well worth to learn aspects that trigger leadership and business. But,I am not sure as whatever is true in 80% of Indian organizations as it is more window dressing here more so when situation demands dog and pony show. Indian companies have a long way to go!!.. On the work front, I found this article interesting on 5 future trends. I agree with 4 of them except taking multiple job aspects tough in Indian environment.

With Facebook,Twitter all hammering in and getting info overload, there is a real threat that blogging which was an hype about 3 years back can lose it's significance. So it was refreshing to read this article on Blogging value add. Very true.

Google keeps dishing out Applications as well as web pages for user interface. Wave, Buzz etc. The new Statistical real time analytic is masterpiece which helps to micro analyze data. Cool one.

An useful apps/ web sits to register temp password without compromising personal data is always helpful. Bugmenot is a good app/web web interface to use to generate temp password,data.

On podcast front FT UK  dishes out Good info; icing being Lucy Kellaway's satire.

I am going thro Henry (Hank)Paulson's new book on the brink, good coverage to get inside preview of the 08 financial crisis. I am also going thro Spencer Johnson's Peak and Valleys.
Finally, Here is to wish all the people in Karnataka (Bangalore) Happy Ugadi the New year on Tuesday. While still I am far far away from picking the local language(13 years here!), the place has helped me learn and grow. So a kind of attachment is established more so when you don't have fond memories of your home state.
Till next week; take it easy and take care; Live consciously.
1930 Hrs.

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