Sunday, March 28, 2010

Auto Driver; Furlough; Tweetminer; PREM JOSHUA.

Usually when you think of Madras; the capital city of Tamilnadu; (A city which I avoided at all costs even during transit to North India in the mid 80s, 90s) the first thing that comes to mind is the arrogant/ Untrustworthy attitude of Autorixa( 3 wheeled Scooter). So it was a refreshing change to see an Web site of Samson Autodriver; and all the accolades that are posted there. Great! Way to go!.Tech goes on and on. Yes, the Folks in Bangalore are different.

It was a week of Mandatory vacation for me; so I spent the time in Kitchen to explore some dishes; It was almost after 15 years full time in to Kitchen.(when Lalitha was away to home down during pregnancy) I did make following receipes.

Kaadi Kichadi
Lemon Rasam
Cabbage Vegetable Dry.
Tomato Carrot Salad
Snake Gourd Curry. (Trichosanthes)
Potato onion curry DRY.
Yes some did come out well; others not to my liking. The family said it was Ok.
I came across site TWEETMINER a good tool to discover friends on Twitter. I had installed yesterday and the results in 24 Hrs are satisfactory.
I stumbled up on the MUSIC of PREM JOSHUA. It has been a revelation. Esply the Ganges album Water down the GANGES. A must listen for all. Worth spending.

I will be catching up with my Manager; Anthony Wareham almost after 19 Months face to face in Bangalore this week. The virtual world has shrunk the need to meet in flesh and blood (Still deliver performance and results!); Looking forward to the meeting and travel with him. 

Also This article caught my eye, People tend to leave job in the spur of the moment/ performance apprisal dissatisfaction. Mistake....

To all my Christian friends a pious Good Friday Observation and A Happy Easter.  Until next week; take it easy and take care; Live consciously.

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