Sunday, April 19, 2009

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Glad to be back to blogging after a week gap, as I was tied to running around for the completion of the upcoming apartment (Reniassance PARK III in Malleswarm) which require inputs from our side. Hopefully we look forward to moving in about 6 weeks time. ( A year behind schedule) Also, last week, I had lot of catch up on reading the magazines, journals so thought of giving update of the blog a miss.

Ok, Seeing me doing blogging, My Son wanted to give a shot at Blogging and has created his website at He did this on his own and did this when we were away on travel, so great to see some independent quick decisions. His blog is called Sharavansstance. I must admit that while I am a right wing, conservative, pro Republican, traditional, orthodox in my views, I have no way influenced him in what he writes and always insisted kids to be on their own sticking to basic values of humankind. He is delighted at having found his apparently lost FIFA 08 CD as well as Chelseas wins over the last 10 days so away on seventh heaven to come back to real world as well in his summer vacation mood. Incidentally this the link to my Daughter Radha's blog. She has been doing it for a while but I never did mention!!!.

Of Blog I must mention that My good frined and ex-collegue Aparna Sharma had sent a link to her husband's site on esmaskriti. It captures the essence of Indian culture. Here is the link.

We celebrated our Tamil new year on 14th April, the Tamil new year is called VIRODHI. Virodhi
means ENEMY in Tamil. I just wondered how it would shape. As Tamil new year calendar is 60 year cycle, my friend Dilip looked at 1949 to what it was, and we found that the Indian constitution was written that year. Was it good or bad omen!!!! I will leave it to readers judge!!!!!??????.

My resolution not to spend not more than 10 minutes per day at the television is going great. I am in to the III week and yes it is not more than that. Yes, when I have dinner got to gulp as the family watches some serial, so that 15 Minutes don't count. I am staying successfully staying from the poisonous IPL for the second day. Hope god gives me the courage, resolute to go that way.

I read Walter Mosberg review on TRUE/ SLANT and I had subscribed to it. Great resource to see live journalism. Also try the Bumptop reviewed by him. I have instantly downloaded and installed in this laptop. A great view of the desktop.

Parliamentary Election process is on India and it will be a 5 week process. I guess at the end of the day, We wont have chads and Hopefully a clear mandate for a stable, progressive looking
government which can make up for the 5 years we lost!!!.

Today, I had been to the inauguration of the POLAR BEAR ® Ice cream parlour opened by good friend near Hebbal. Ice creams have become all season item. This gave me a chance to catch up some of my ex-colleagues from Astra Zeneca after 12 years.

Ok, Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live consciously.


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