Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chagas, Twitter,Marc Dreir, Job Hunting, Ants

We use the term"Chagas" as a term for expressing something when a happy ending in an unexpected situation. I was therefore horrified to read an article that Chagas is the number one killer in Latin America. This is an insect bite in the face and causes Heart and intestine failure. I was shocked to read that it is as a dreaded killer as fearful as Malaria in Africa and still nothing being done in a large scale to combat the disease.

Many months back I listened to the podcast in the Stanford university thought entrepreneur series when Evan Williams spoke about his journey in creating blogger and his work with Google. I could sense that time, listening that this guy has untapped potential. It is great to see that the Twitter is his brain child. I like Twitter and created account in 2007 but is not crazy about it, but I appreciate the effort. His next revolution, as indicated, email.

Mark has come with a great podcast last week on freeing your calendar for accomdating your schedule to be effective as well as efficient. A must listen to improve your productivity thro delegation and how to do it.

Would you believe that there are 14,000 Trillion(yes) ants in this planet ?The weight of ant on earth is equal human being and that the biggest colony of ant is 2.5 in Indonesia. Interesting facts. I was amazed!!!. Ants use swarm intelligence to work and as an individual are idiots!!! Hmmm.

Many Tamil movie viewers of the 1960s, would have seen Thangavelu playing as a comedian fraudster, (cheating/ compulsory liar as a employee in famous company, while unemployed) in the movie Kalyana parisu.(Wedding gift). I was reminded of that story when I read this Fortune article, on How Marc Dreir committed fraud to the extent of 700Mio$ as an impostor. Read this exciting, sad story as they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

Fortune magazine recently covered a practical article on how to land in tough times. A practical guide to be ready when things do go dreaded.!!

I was always feeling disgusted about IPL. So here is a blog on FAKE IPL that exposes the idiotic things happening there!!!. So my IPL stay away from TV has extended to 9 days and I haven't watched a single ball. Yes, also TV watching is less than 10 min. Keeping the idiot box away.

Wayne has done an excellent podcast on Telecommuting with Kate Lister, worth listening.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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