Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nickname, Alan Iverson, Get Abstract, Top 10 Airlines

So I guess every one had a good festive time and it is back to business. I had a good time celebrating and went little overboard on sweets which I got to burn out.

I was amazed how the childhood nicknames/ pet name come handy. I had a chance to catch up over phone my junior from my school (Alagappa Model High School) from Karaikudi and we talked about our school days. Still he couldn't place me. So when I told my nick name (I was called Fletcher after England Cricket player/captain at that time Keith Fletcher) he could immediately connect. Such are the power of nickname I guess!!!!.

I was amazed to see the video which my son cherishes as one of his favourtite. Here, Alan Iverson missed a practice basket ball session and justifies. Wonder this in a interview situation. Enjoy. Wonder of Inteview here is a one from Miss. South Carolina when she asked a question. Just to ponder!!.

Came across an intersting Fortune Magazine article, Why talent is overrated?. I agree sometimes, it is an instinct, as well as Being at the right place at the right time to be a considered succesful. Yes, the hard work and perseveration plays it's part too.

Came across the concept of Business book extracts which supplies you the key Summary of the excecutive books which you can read and then decide to buy the book. This is also helpful when you are hard pressed for time to go thro all the books that are out there. I have seen BBR, Soundview before. I came across Getabstract this week. This looks more consolidated with take away from each book. I plan to explore this further, let me see.

Came across an interesting podcast on Wharton/ HBR podcast with author Hal Sarkin on Globality. How competing of 3E (everyone for everything from everwhere). It appears that globalisation is the thing of the past and globality will soon be here. Interesting thoughts!!.Hm.

I was amazed to read that google is thinking of putting up floating server station in seas that would use wind power and sea water cooling to keep stations for storing 1000s of petabyte, Exabyte of data. Wonder where this would all reach as culmination. Remember my early days of computer when 1Mb was a big deal to go crazy.

I finish the week with the results of World's ten best airlines in terms of Service etc. No surprises. There is not a single European or American Airliner in the list. Having traveled everywhere I am not surprised!!. Yes, Lufthansa could have come close, I guess. Singapore Airlines, Quantas, Thai, Qatar, Emirates, Cathy Pacific, Ethihad,Air NewZealand, Malaysian Airlines, Asiana Airlines makes the list.

Ok, Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live Conciously.


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