Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Man, Despair, Hot Flat Crowded, TED Briggs.

So the Elections are over and yes it is a personal disappointment for me to have seen John McCain lost the race. I think he did an admirable job in making an effort to turn the tide and it is all the anti incumbency factor. But What our Indian politician should learn from McCain was the concession speech putting national interest first and working for an unified America. Good luck to the new president elect, but it is going to tough times and I think even with the sweeping back up of congress and senate, the damage is much deeper to work miracles.(Some how I am reminded of Jimmy Carter days, lets see!!).
Incidentally, Obama becoming the president has made fiction come true. Back in 1982, I read the novel The Man by Irving Wallace. It is a story of back becoming a president of the united states and faces the consequences. While it was a fiction and strange as they say truth is stranger than fiction, I guess still America is too much divided to still reconcile!! Let's see.!! I always felt sure, that I would for sure see a black president of USA in my life time, A Woman President! I am not so sure!!.( I hope I am proved wrong!!) UK, India and Israel are far more matured to select woman leaders!! that too half a century ago.

Saw an interesting website called Interesting stuff to see the views from other perspective. Some times, big issues can be made small by creating a biggest issues!!.HMMMMM. Interesting thoughts.

I have just began reading Thomas Friedman's "Hot flat and Crowded" Interesting approach to global issues.(Energy, Oil alternative, Green issues, Crowding due to expanding middle class). Enegrgy food scarcity, Petro dictatorship, biodiversity loss, climate change, energy poverty are the 5 Key issues when flat meets crowded and leads to a tipping point which should be addressed as per Friedman. I look forward to a great reading.

I agree with Indian are more individualistic in fighting issues. The right to information act (RTI) is not understood and worked out. An interesting discussion here with Shalesh Gandhi the RTI Commissioner.

I read an interesting obituary in Economist of Ted Briggs one of 3 out of 1421 to survive the Hood sinking by Bismark in 1941. It is said that he had resigned himself to death and was thrown up like a champaigne cork in to an air pocket to survive for next 67 years. Still need more proof for GOD????!!!!.
Ok, Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

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