Sunday, November 23, 2008

Drucker, Damp Squib, Gomad thinking 11/22/63

Celebrations are on from this week to mark the 100th Birth anniversary of Peter Drucker, looking for updates here.

I rarely write about negative things, keeping those feelings to myself. But the exception this week as I cant just hold on to myself and here I go. The Leadership summit which I tracked over the web. (Yes,that was a good initiative) The event was a damp squib, barring a couple of sessions. The questions asked were mediocre with no aspect of innovation or probing (9 out of 10) The presenters, moderators were forgetting that they were going out live to the world. The interactions were closed ended with leading/loaded questions. If this the quality of leadership, god help us!!!. Our presenters try to ape Larry King or Wolf Blitzer or Tim Sebastian and fail miserably. My American Indian friends who come to India and see our TV shows always complained to me about the lack focus, quality and trying to put close ended questions in a predetermined way. I never realized it till I spent 7 Hours over 2 days in front of the webcast to realize, how right they were. Yes, for me idiot box is never more than 20 min a day, so never looked at the goof ups and pathetic situations that happen. Thank god.!!!!. So watch out for the summits before you commit yourself to the time and energy to spend!!!.

I came across the website gomadthinking, a good site for the podcasts on personal development.

I listened to the excerpts on Principle centered leadership by Dr Stephen Covey. (about 90 Min). A great must listen. Dr Covey covers personal, interpersonal, Managerial and organisational mastery. The more you build trust, the better you grow and trust forms the basis for the growth. Dr Covey also talks about Paradigm shift.
Usually, you never look back and history and wonder as to how different things would have been if things have been as you take it in your stride and move on. 22/11/1963 is an exception. Wonder how different the world would have been!!. I was fortunate to visit the Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston in 2001, to go back to the moments of the past.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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