Sunday, December 09, 2007

Value of Life, JP Lounge.

I was away to Pune on Business travel and back last night. So 2007 travel is over and I look forward to spending the next 3 to 4 weeks at home and enjoy a bit of holidays. I guess 2007 just flew past in a flash.

I was saddened to read the fatality at work in the Hyundai factory in Madras. 4 People lost their life due to Methane gas leak in the confined space. I really wonder when the personnel overcome their ignorance to this Quiet Assassin. This clearly goes to show the Pre-job inspection and assessing risk is critical. I don't want to touch a safety subject in my blog, the main reason for this posting being that I was appalled by the compensation announced by the company of US 5000 $ for each of the person died. I just wonder that is that the value of life in India. I guess people / press will forget and move on. I also wonder being contract employees, I am not sure what kind of welfare and death benefits would be covered. Is the value of a worker is only that much. I am also seeing from the employee perspective, Couldn't they have done the checks or Hazard recognition. What a loss to the family. How much the family would suffer and undergo pain and suffering in times to come. I know there are no easy answers. Cant we be sure that what ever we do, we take a moment to step back and see if this is the right way to do?, even if not for our own sake, at least for the sake of dear and near ones.

While returning back from Pune to Bangalore, I transited from Bombay airport. I made the mistake of going in to the Jet Airways new premier lounge after security check at the departure bay. Oh, God it was a nightmare, the lounge was right above five or six departure gates of all airlines (Including the low cost airlines) made a hell looks better. There were no glass partitions or noise reduction measures. So I can hear all the screaming and fights of passengers of these low cost airlines whose flights were delayed. It was like seeing a war movie. I had to endure the agony for 90 minutes before boarding. I can not go back to the other lounge as I had completed security formalities. That will be the first and last time I would have gone there. The irony was this lounge was for the benefit of Business class and Platinum card members,(So much for customer satisfaction). Whoever had planned this in Jet is a genius whose job is protected by Life long employment guarantee, I guess (Like some of the Japanese companies).

I am also amazed at the changing security rules and inconsistencies across security checks at Airports. Bombay has strange rules saying that 2 pieces of hand baggage is not allowed. Pune asks for Photo Identification as you enter. Bangalore, lease said the better. Wonder when the consistency will come. My British friends ridicule at the number of Machine gun trotting security personnel at US Airports, I will invite them to visit Indian airports.

I am reading Bill George's (Ex- Honeywell Executive)
True North. I found the concept of Passion, Compassion, Empathy and Courage as key behaviors to manifest in leadership. Also, the personal situation drives the key characteristics to manifest. How true!!. I would suggest every one to go through.

Ok, As the year is coming to an end, I got to focus to prepare for performance reviews for myself and my team. I don't have to worry as I have listened to Mike and Mark's Podcasts on performance review podcasts and is fully prepared.

Till next week, Take it easy and take care; Live consciously.

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