Sunday, December 02, 2007

Board of Directors.

I had a quiet birthday celebrations on the 30th, kids are having exams, wife busy with her e -coaching so let the day just drift. Of course did a bit of shopping Thursday.

Ok, I came across2 books this week, Fifth discipline by Peter Senge.
Love the work you are with
by Richard Whiteley
The overlap between the 2 books were amazing, both talk about personal mastery. Both books talk about you forming your "Board of Directors" through friends, well wishers, colleagues, professionals who would facilitate planning,Coordination, direction as in case of management for your personal development. They would work with you as a Politician, strategist, Problem solver, Coach, Butt kicker and Cheerleader to take you forward as you go ahead in life. I loved the concept, Of course in an Indian sense if fits well as you always consult people close to you for all the important decisions in your life.

Here is the Global list of 50 Great thinkers, there are some interesting names, Came across this in CMM web site. I begin to like more and more the show and I feel it should go in to every one's must listen podcasts list. is a practical information on the Management aspects with lot of information to download.
I also spend some time on Spirituality and religion once a week and came across this website on Swami Sukhabhodananda. He connects religion, spirituality, management. There are some interesting audio interviews to listen too.

As a globe trotter I always refer to the etiquette and business practices that exist in the countries I visit. I was curious to see what is being said about doing business in India. This link provides all the info for doing things in India. I guess many of it is true and practical.

I close my blog with the the 10 Most underrated books of all times and 10 most overrated books of all times and what to read instead. Agree with many of the ratings, ofcourse many of the overrated books I had found useful.

Till next week, Take it easy and take care, Live Consciously.

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