Sunday, December 23, 2007

Catchup, TED, DIMDIM, Head on block.

Lalitha, Mrs.Rajan, Radha, Dr Rajan,Shravan.(20/12).
As indicated in my last week column, we could catch up with Dr Rajan, my EX-boss at BASF Managalore. Mrs & Dr Rajan took time from (their Indian trip) busy schedule to catch up with us over lunch at our home. It was a time well spent to do retrospection over the last 8 years. Children also learned some valuble tips from him for being successful in life during the interaction.

As indicated in my other podcasts, I listen to the Cranky middle manager show of Wayne Turmel. I never miss the show over the last 8 months. This week, I listened to Wayne's podcast with DD Ganguly of DIMDIM who is based in Hyderabad. Dimdim according to DD will make WEBEX, HISTORY!!. This is an online, web meeting tool. You just need a PC, Internet connection and Phone line. You may send a request email in the dimdim website.
This is similar to
Great to see the online tools which kind of help you avoid all the hassles of downloading and installing software. Wayne has planned a live web meeting on 3rd Jan. Cant wait to participate, Awaiting further instructions from him.

I came across interesting website of video presentations which inspires you a lot. TED(Technology, Entertainment, Design) is the website. Worth the time spent. You can also register your profile to join and exchange info in this community. The community concept is hitting speed on on on on.

Here is the list of the best of the Business books of 2007, (800 CEO READ). Glad to see some Indian flavor in to it as well as some Indian authors.

I just finished reading Tim Sanders, Likability factor. Great concepts, how some one is perceived to be likable survives in all the odd situation and goes up the career ladder. Sanders points out Friendliness, Relevance, Empathy and Realness as the factors which make it happen. Worth spending time in the days of uncertainty and unpredictability in all walks of life. His other book, "Love is a killer App, Mark Mentions in the favourite books to read podcast.

I am not sure If I had mentioned, Douglas Welch, Career opportunities, Podcast. Douglas Welch produces great podcasts. He also does podcasts on career Podcasting, Gardening, tech stuff etc. It is worth spending time. I take time to listen in the PC medium. The audio for some of the podcasts gets drowned in the local background noise.

I have just started reading Robin Sharma's- Mega living.

Incidentally, further to my Post on DiSC. This is now available in Manager tools site. The cost is 26$. You may try it out.

So this week the cricket Expectation starts. Let us see, I agree with Stuart Clark, for a 4-0. Looks like great weather in Melbourne. I am putting my Head on the block. My guess its going to be curtains for many of the cricketers.

So till next week, take it easy and take care. Live consciously.

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