Wednesday, July 25, 2018


1) I am back from short trip to Gujarat. Boy, this year rains are like, mad, I have never seen such a spell in my 33 years of visits to Gujarat. Few days there was practically non stop rains and Sun was never seen. No wonder, the potholes were plenty in the Bombay-Amdavad NH!
2) I got in touch after 10 years with my German Colleague! I had travelled in his car from Frankfurt to Hamburg for a safety audit. This picture was taken then! I don't think I ever experienced that speed any other time! BOY!!
3) Near Gate 52, Terminal 2, Mumbai airport, there is an awesome Marati restaurant. Enjoyed the food out there during Lunch pit stop before boarding the flight back home. 
4) I was passing by TheoBroma Pastry shop on way to gate, I quickly called and asked my daughter, if I should pick some pastry for my son. I was sceptical that he would want it as he is on crash diet etc. My daughter said, never mind Bring it on!! When he saw that,boy!!! oh Boy just delight as kid! Girls judge things perfectly!! hehehehhehe!!!

Today elections in Pakistan, a rare event in a sense transition to democracy would happen through a democratic process. Rarely, this happens as Military always intervenes in a coup and never allows the Prime Minister to complete his term. I expect Imran Khan to be the leading party and possibly the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. I see relations between India and Pakistan not improving in his tenure. Let's see!!!

A movie taken by spending 110Mn$ in China, became super flop grossing 7 Mn $ in 3 days and is taken off screen for remake. China products are questionable quality!! Didn't realise movies too!!! hahahahah!!! 

As they say Success is Bastard, Failure is an Orphan. The case of Mesut Ozil,who is made a scapegoat for the disgraced German exit from world cup is a classic example. As he and Lukaku says, When we score /win, we are Belgian or German, when we lose we are Congolese or Turkish! Sad aspect of racism prevailing in many countries!! I agree that comes to fore when failure hits!! Human nature I guess! 

Sad to hear the passing away of Sergio Marchionne, the boss of Fiat /Chrysler!! End was swift today!! May his soul rest in peace. What a turn around! But he was a workaholic.

As usual, few memes and Modi Bashing!! hahahahhahahh!!! 

An Aeronautical Engineer inspecting a Rafale fighter jet in order to increase it's price from 520 cr to 1600 cr to utilize taxpayers money. (2018)

A Globetrotter Searching Croatia on Map for his next Visit. (2018)

Until next week, take it easy, take care.
1800 Hrs. 

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