Saturday, July 14, 2018


1) Today, I complete 5 years of staying away from Idiot Box for watching stupid, ugly, lousy, fucking, Indian News channels and Entertainment! Even saying III class is a disgrace! Boy!! I can't comprehend how people are putting up with all the shit that is dished out!!

2) Friday, I was invited as panel member for Safety event, at 5pm, and I posted a Selfie, Radhu says, I looked "DOPED" Do I???? hahaahhah!!
3) Mom is back in India after her 2 month stay in #OMAN! The clean air around there has helped her respiratory issues to the minimum! Of course 45C heat is another matter for to be there!! 

Credit to Donald Trump, once again when it comes to national interest, he puts aside his personal like'/dislike. In choosing Judge Brett Kavanugh as his second nominee for US Supreme Court, #SCOTUS, Trump has looked for a person who abides to constitution as it says rather than looking for personal interpretation. It is no secret that Trump loathes the Bush(es) and Judge K was Bush nominee to Circuit court in DC as well as his wife was personal secretary to "Dubiya!!! The confirmation hearing would be interesting given that the razor thin Majority republicans hold with John McCain wont be able to vote. I personally sense, over a period of time Roe Vs Wade, the landmark judgement would be eroded away one statute at a time and come 2023, the 50th anniversaty there would be nothing left. Also to note that Trump with 2 year of Presidency left has potential for 2 more nominations (Senate Majority Key) of conservative leaning with Ginsburg and Breyer in to their 80s can fade from the scene!! Already with 5-4 that can turn to 7-2 with ramifications for good 2-3 generations to come. (#SCOTUS is for life or option to retire as Justice Anthony Kennedy did) 

The Roberts Court, 2017 Back row (left to right): Elena KaganSamuel AlitoSonia Sotomayor, and Neil Gorsuch. Front row (left to right): Ruth Bader GinsburgAnthony KennedyChief Justice John RobertsClarence Thomas, and Stephen Breyer

The Rains have caused havoc across nations, with Hiroshima prefecture having seen it's worst rainfall of 50cm and loss of lives of around 200. People say in their living memory they have never witnessed anything like this. The mad rainfall of 15 Cm in 3 hours in Nagpur, and 55% Monsoon within 3 weeks of commencement at Bombay are tell tale signs of Climate change warnings that have been ignored by leaders. Adding insult to injury is the lack of preparation as well as poor III class infrastructure that exist. I am told in Bombay nothing has been done since British time in drainage system as city can take only 1 inch of rain/hr. All the natural creek that let rain water to the sea has been encroached by land sharks. This is case in most urban area in India. The warning is out there!!! No one cares and people suffer!!!

During my global travel, I have met Indians who have settled in Eritrea, a tiny nation which has been on war with its neighbour, Ehiopia for decades. People said the war would never end and there would never be peace. It appeared so, until the new President of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, who out of nowhere worked all political reforms that could only be a dream. He even reached out to the neighbour and now peace accord is worked out! Showing all it takes is a leader to swing things around. Also Ethiopian economy a fastest growing one goes to show peace is a must! 
Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed is welcomed by Eritrea's Isaias Afwerki as he disembarks the plane in Asmara, Eritrea on July 8, 2018
World cup is coming to an end, what a sporting event it has been! All top teams sent packing! France a young team under Tidier DesChamps (3rd person possibly to win world cup as player/coach) and Croatia an rank outsider are clashing. An Interesting article in WSJ on how Croatia win would settle scores as western Europe sees East with lot of contempt and insult! 

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