Sunday, June 17, 2018


1) I underwent CATARACT Surgery this week. Procedure done and dusted 30 min at Karthik Nethralaya. Dr Ravindra, a 35 year veteran in the field did an awesome & painless job.While walking in terrace yesterday,as it was raining, Lalitha covered my head with my Handkerchief!! When I posted the picture in Whatsapp group, the EID Mubarak greetings as response,were astounding!! Many times,I joke to strangers that I am a Muslim (in Urdu, Of course) and Lalitha is an Iyer Maami and we eloped!People believe it and are in shock until Lalitha pricks my lie bubble!!! ehehhehhe!!!

2) Speaking of rains, it has been pouring non stop everyday evening from 5 to 8pm thus hindering my walk in the evening / listening to podcasts! The Rainbow was awesome! Nature has its own way of manifesting its beauty! Only now a days we don't have time for it!

The Trump-Kim meeting produced its own share of news, views, Meme!! hahah!!! Kim Jong Won was classic cover of Economist!! Needless to say, Kim got the legitimacy that has been missing to his Grandfather and Father. I am not sure how much of bargain he would keep up! Trump has risked his presidency! But knowing Trump Flip Flops! He would shrug and move on should the deal fail!  Singapore played a perfect role as host to bridge the two leaders! They did a fabulous job, no doubt!

Singapore Cabinet meeting Trump!! 4 of key ministers were of Tamil Origin! Modi Mudevi wont take any one from South, (English  வராதே) except Gujjus!! So much complaint / dissent brewing on his Gujaratisation at Delhi (Whether they capable altogether another matter!!)  hehehehehhehehehheh!!!!
Balakrishnan, Kim, Kung ( education minister) 
It was heartening to read that CEOs are now taken to task for employee Suicides! France always sets the bar in employee assistance program. This week ex CEO of Orange is sued for the depression and other harassment related suicides in 2008 during economic meltdown! Overall, CEOs now a days are sucking up to board members, and cant show any hint of dissent! (When they cant show dissent to their fucking wife how the fuck they wd do in public?- political correctness is now the order of the day) I cant remember one CEO of note in the last 10 years!! Horror word is very kind to these filthy bastards! India!! oh don't tell me! Spineless fellows!! One Cyrus Mistry had a bit of dissent; he was booted out! Candour wont carry you far in 2018! 

Watch this Video! If this is not  Daring" Super catch in mid air", nothing is!! 

With Football on, We have long nights and interesting matches! Here is a great Video on VAR, the newly introduced Technology! This got France the Penalty which Referee otherwise missed.

Some Football Memes
It's hard to win against Russia when you know your Family Members are being held hostage somewhere.

Miss Messi Hhehehhe!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe.
17/6/18 11am.

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