Saturday, May 12, 2018


1) Mom flew out to #Muscat this week. Indigo was of great help in her transit at Bombay. But I am surprised now a days International bags are not through checked when she did at Hyderabad. Wonder why? 

2) Lalitha and I tried Metro on our way back post our annual health checks. It was seem less transit at Majestic. The crowd was massive even at 11am. While the time taken was same, it is a very cost effective way for travel. 

It is a Political earthquake in Malaysia. Who would have thought that the ruling party which governed the country for last 60 years lost out! Dr Mahathir was a major catalyst in the process thus becoming the oldest leader to govern a country at 92. The role played by Anwar Ibhrahim who is in prison to rally the opposition to unite is massive. Of course, the corruption was so much (4Bn$) that even Malays like stupid Indians put up with corrupt politicians felt enough is enough. It will be interesting how the opposition parties who are now in power, take the country forward as different groups have come together putting aside their differences to defeat the corrupt government. The ethnic divide Dr Mahathir created is too much of a rot/divisive, so wonder how they shall overcome? 

Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have sort of pulled a coup. The meeting at Singapore on June 12th would be an event which world would watch with battered breath. To imagine such an event even 3 months would have been idiotic as people would say! I think Trump's aggressive stance worked and people realised he is not a guy to work politically correct stance. I wonder if Kim would give up his nuclear Arsenal for economic growth? Interesting times ahead! This meeting reminds me of Regan- Gorbachev summit of 1980s!! 

I am about to finish James Comey's book. One of non fiction /biography which goes at a speed of Fiction. Comey has given lucid account of working of FBI, Leadership qualities and justifying why he did what he did, which appears very convincing!! Another leader, who owes his success so much to his wife and women leader!! (Like me???? ahhahah). His account of Trump is not flattering, but not surprising, I agree Trump like Indian politician has developed an entitlement and works such results matter! 

Wow, 45 years back this happened at EUROVISION contest!! tonight you would find a winner at Portugal. The competition has spread many a miles and instant access. 

This is awesome video! U blame Muslims that they say Allah for everything !! hehehhe! Gujju's god worshipping is frightening!!

This video is going viral!! hahahahhH!! They have converted this to MODI as event happened in Nigeria.

Here are some more MODI Memes! heheheh!! Veluh!!
Hahhahhahh! Dr Swamy is losing his sense off late!! But when you are with MODI everything wd go downhill !!! 

Modi serving food tea to Baghat Singh 1928 Lahore Jail hahah!! 

Take it easy, take care, god bless
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