Saturday, May 19, 2018


1) This week completes,10 years of Registering "Amritkala" It is Lalitha's sheer determination and guided missile concept. (It was another 12 months before we moved in)! The ups and downs these 120 months has been staggering!!!All, I can say the worst is over and enjoy the stay. Just months in to purchase, 2008, Global economic crisis shook my job (It gave awesome resilience) I must tell you!!

2) Doctors here said, Mom when she left for Muscat said, the clean air there would do wonders to her health!! Imagine Mom saying to me this week, (5 days after landing) that she has no cough, no breathlessness etc!! Goes to show how much contaminated our Environment is????

It would be grave injustice If I dont write about Karnataka outcome! My Face book posts have covered some.  The Myth that Bastards/Bakwas Jumla party is with difference is gone to cleaners!! They want to grab power at any cost for the booze, mining money that would be spinner for 2019 elections. As this article points out! 

Interesting to read this Economist Article on How SM overindulgence can lead to Mental issues! I totally agree!! Stay away from interaction as much, even then have lot of safeguards as to whom you want to engage with!!

3) Savage Mothers, hahahh! BOY!! Thank god I escaped my time!! I am sure some mothers wd be such!!

Gina Haspel confirmed First Female Director of CIA!! 54-45!! What was interesting was out of 22 Lady Senators, only 9 (7+2) voted for her!! 11 out of 13 Democratic Senators rejected her nomination! So Women won't rally around another woman for a cause! Hillary also another example. Very clear, we wont see a Female POTUS for soon!! It was astounding to see all Intelligence agency (CIA, FBI, NIA, NSA) rallied around her and called her the best person to lead the agency. 

hahahah!! I leave with some MEME!! BJP celebrated too soon!!

Till, next week, take it easy, take care.
God Bless Karnataka
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