Sunday, January 14, 2018

The POST !!!


Lalitha,Radhu, Shravan and I are back from watching "The POST"! An awesome movie!! My annual quota of movie for the year 2018 is done a fortnight in to the year. I think it is worth the 115 Minutes. As usual my son and daughter took us out. ( I don't know which one paid!! hahah! Who cares? Not from my wallet! I cant spend for Movie and Jeans,no way!) 

Combined, award-winning actors Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks have appeared in more than 100 films. But "The Post" marks the first time they are on screen together. In the movie, Streep plays Katharine Graham, the publisher of the Washington Post, and Hanks portrays legendary editor Ben Bradlee. The plot centres on the paper's famous and difficult decision to publish top secret government information from the Pentagon Papers in 1971. Streep and Hanks join "CBS This Morning" to discuss how the film resonates today.

The US Supreme Court gave the verdict 6-3 in NYT/Post favour!! The role played by Ben Bagdikian is no less!
Katharine Graham, publisher of The Washington Post, and Bradlee 

Of course, John Williams music score makes it icing on cake as usual!!
I expect Dunkirk, The Post to sweep some academy award nominations.

Also, pertinent is the chaotic state of free press across world as well as quality, integrity of press themselves that has fallen over the years.Fake news triumphs and Government of today are peice of shit making folks like Nixon, Mrs Gandhi angels, when now goons and thugs,govern the world.

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