Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Asshole Survival Guide, Richard Cousins, We the corrupt!! GurbaniSundaram!

1) After 30 years,I have taken a key focus area to achieve goals and targets!! 1988, I read "THINK and Grow Rich" and worked plan for life which fell like a slot machine Jackpot (work growth,marriage, kids,own home etc etc all like magic with exact time slot visioned). 2018, is all about very stretch target. I have even reduced my consultancy days for this by 40%. Let's see how it shapes up, as the goal involves influencing, coaching, persuasion and if required taking the stick to achieve results, ahhahahhahahahahahahhaahhahahhahahaah!!

2) It was an awesome experience to attend an Islamic Wedding/reception. (Anand's colleague @Oman, family event) In a larger sense, it appeared opposite way of Hindu marriage. (Day vs Night, Boy spending money vs Girl) etc etc. Different perspective to get to know things!Yes,we skipped dinner as we didn't want to trouble them to work a vegetarian food for us, of course they persuaded us to stay back to have few vegetarian items and then leave. (I had few Sweets, Lalitha not even that + we had other commitments late in the evening to rush, too!) ..... 
Mhd Abubakhar and family!! 
Bob Sutton has come out with another awesome book, "ASSHOLE SURVIVAL GUIDE" He covered Jerks, No Asshole rule in previous books. The latest one, is in my reading list. The host of this show, "Inspirenationshow.com" does a tremendous job to keep the excitement in the show to a very high level. Very good job by by Michael Sandler. I listened to couple of other shows, it is just fabulous. Michael's life just fabulous and an inspiration being moment away from death!! Take a look. 
It was very sad to read about Sydney sea plane crash this morning in which Richard Cousins, the retiring CEO of Compass died along with his would be wife and his sons aged 25,23. Cousins was voted as the 11th best performing CEO by HBR this year. He had announced his decision to quit corporate come April 2018 looking to live a happy married life (His first wife died of cancer 2015)! Life is strange! I have attended job interview with Compass few years back and I liked their work culture and relentless pursuit of excellence to turn things around! 
Look at #26, 27!!!!! hahaahhH!!!!! 

I keep saying, anything Indian, other than Indian Wife is "Unreliable" we are most corrupt nation in Asia, our Data is untrustworthy! As Bharati said" வாய் சொல்லில் வீரர் அடி" 

After ages, I followed Ranji Trophy Final on web. Second time,a bowler has taken hat-trick in the Ranji Final. I recollect 1973 effort of B Kalyanasundaram vs Bombay. It was a lost cause as TN lost the final. So yesterday, it was nice to see Rajneesh Gurbani's effort helping Vidharbha winning the title. Well done. Last year Gujarat, this year Vidharbha goes to show changing landscape of cricket, good for the game but greedy power hungry sharks of BCCI and other goons won't let such talent prosper....
1973 Final Madras!!! I recollect TN lost cause then!!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless
2/1/18 1830 Hrs. 

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