Sunday, November 21, 2010

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So another year gone by, today is my star birthday. Born Karthik month Full moon day, so the name Karthik. Felt good to get call wishing from friends, more so from Parents.In fact I should have called them to seek blessings. The calendar birthday is in 10 days time.

The Hindustan times leadership Summit 2010 was a better worked out event than previous year. The sessions by Jairam Ramesh, Arun Jaitley,Kapil Sibal were frank, honest reflections of the situation in Indian scenarios. Pranab did a decent job of defending the 2G scam.The answers looked convincing in terms of referring to the public accounts committee take the issue forward. The session of Brain was simply amazing. Hats off to Dr.Ravi Gopal Varma on the efforts on the patient who had no control over what she does!!.In 6 months, he turned around the impossible. Bangalore was the IT capital no questions, The way medical challenges are addressed, I wont be surprised if it takes the Medical innovation capital.
The session by Al Gore, Gordon Brown were also practical aspects. I missed the session of PM,(The only one I didn't bother!!) no worth under the present situation, he needs to come clean with an explanation( As like Bhishma in Mahabharat, turned bind eye to Draupadi being stripped off in the court of Kauravas) to be taken seriously. The concluding session on China as a challenge was the icing on the cake. Any discussion of Indian growth/ strategy, without China is meaningless. The Indian press missed this point of view during Obama's visit. No Indian Press/ TV bothered to check the Chinese perspective.
The moderator is an area where the HT leadership summit needs lot of improvement. The Indian TV /News personalities it appears, play a pre arranged script, artificial. (More so, I have overheard participants in Indian news tv show confessing, offline, that they have been scripted, thus the ingenuity/authenticity of discussion is questionable!!???????)They can learn a thing or two from Nik Gowing who did an excellent job on the session with Pranab Mukherjee. And yes thankfully NO damm Indian cricket lousy stuff. Yes, Wasim Akram came in on the diabetes session, that is pardonable.

I finished reading the book "SWITCH" by Chip and Dan Heath. It has left a deep impact on me. 3 simple principles, Motivate the elephant, Direct the rider and Show the path. The authors have used 10s of example in each section as well as working the practical tips to start change. It easily connects to Gandhi preaching, You must be the change that you wish to see in the world. I am glad, I picked up this book.

I have begun reading "The Essential Drucker", I was tempting to take notes, but I found it impossible as each paragraph is more important than the previous or the next one. What amazed me was that Drucker had the vision to see all this in the late 60,70,80s when Knowledge worker, Globalization must have been unheard off.
From my e-reader, I got a copy of Seth Godin's Linchpin. The practical way to move from routine,cog in to indispensable. 

So the Ashes, the only cricket action that I bother following live on TV starts this week. This may bring disruption in to my daily routines over the next 6 weeks. It is worth it. Ashes in Australia is always special more so with Bill Lawry's it is all happening!!!.. , also the Nov-Dec, cold weather lot of coffee to gulp and watch over breakfast, lunch is pleasure. (More so on Saturday, Sunday!!!!). Yes, Will match the radio commentary (that use to wake me up at 5am) of Jim Maxwell, Alan McGilvary, legends, no one can replace them. I expect Aussies to regain the ashes comfortably. That is what my predictor tool "The  Economist" says. I have always gone with that and never felt let down. Yes, England good team, but Aussies are picking steam........

I close with a great feeling of getting connected to my school mate from karaikudi after 30 years. Thanks to Linkedin. More so delighted to see that he is now a CEO, settled in east coast,USA. His upbringing by his parents,(More so by his father who was demanding) never left any doubt in me that this guy will go places. Glad it materialized....Parents know what they do.. It is like bitter medicine, good for health. Wonder if the present generation, realizes that.
Yes, till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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