Sunday, November 07, 2010


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The Diwali the festival of lights was an quiet affair for all of us in the family. The children were very busy with coaching class schedule as well as there had been a bit of personal situations which have made to take the diwali on a low key one. We did participate in the community gathering at the PARK 3 celebrations for an hour. I was wondering on the money spent on bursting crackers by the community (easily in to US$3000 or so) that could have been well spent for a better cause (Children education or etc).

As indicated, I had taken a week off, and spent useful time to catch up on reading books as well as to spend time in the Kitchen.

1) A must read is Marshall Goldsmith's book MOJO. It was an eye opener for me, especially  on issues that people tend to connect everything to the past happening and let that affect your present performance. Also the calculator of Overall Mojo was a good theme. Also connecting from the personal sense was the distinction and transgression people make to get a bit off guard between personal and professional lives. I have also began to let go off the people who had been not good to me, forgive and move on. An excellent book. This was also touched on the recent podcast by Anna Farmery on the Engaging brand podcast with Anna Mason.
2) Got a chance to read John Grisham's THE CONFESSION. A good begging, goes well up to 75% and then loses steam. A bit of let down for a die hard Grisham fan.
3) I got the book Beating Diabetics, which I went thro to know a bit more of the life sytle handicap. The book is a  must read for all TYPE I & II (More so for type II). It covers all practical aspects the temptations, the overdo, the food charts etc. The good thing is the book offers a lot of solution to the day to day issues.
4) I am halfway in to TRUE BLUE, the Baldacci Thriller, going good. I may try to finish it before the year end, hopefully.

Ok, so the clock is put back by an hour in Europe/ USA, so Indian work days will get longer by an hour for all the conference calls. In this connection, the Podcast by Mike and Mark on managing distant team is a good practical guide. Wayne Turmel does monthly training sessions on how to manage remote teams. A good one to participate.
Another must listen is the WEEKLY Leader podcast by Peter Mellow. Lot of thought provoking interviews. Yes, you may require more than 45 mintues for most show, but worth it.

I guess, I haven't mentioned about Grammar Girl podcast. A must listen if you care to improve your English speech/ writing. I do as it is not my mother tongue.

Until next week, take it easy and take care; Live Consciously.

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